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The Wall

As he inched towards her, he could see a shade of fear in her eyes.

The unbroken pieces
The unbroken pieces

His palms encircled her cheeks, to pull her closer to him, his lips locking with hers, uncertainly at first, though finishing the kiss with a soft “I love you”.
She let him kiss her, but he felt something amiss – she wasn’t responding to him.

And then he had flashes of her past – how she had been broken several times – this girl, who could be a blessing in anybody’s life, the way she carried herself now, with all her guards up, had shut down completely.

He wanted to show her that life is not as hard as she thought.
But how could he, someone had messed her mind up completely.

He couldn’t get past that wall, no matter how hard he tried.
She had built it around herself, brick by brick, strong and secure, as a defense mechanism, never to open it to anyone.

Today was a start, a small one, but a start nevertheless.

This piece of fiction has been written for Write Tribe’s Festival of Words 3 Entry 1: 9 Sentence Fiction

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

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As within, so without

49 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. how bittersweet..
    But I guess bad experiences make us vary of the new ones in our lives.. its hard sometimes to break out of that shell we inadvertently put ourselves into…


  2. Sometimes the wall will take a while to come down. But he is on the right track. Love will help him tear away those veils of fear. Nicely done.


  3. A realistic situation indeed. A practical approach could be to do little thoughtful things for the unfortunate soul. The bricks will begin to loosen one by one – on their own


  4. Hope he can dismantle each brick by brick and break of the wall to reach out to her mind and heart. At times some unpleasantness in life make a person lost all faith and motive to live.He has made a right move today.


    1. You are right, but not always does this happen. Sometimes, the walls are just walls meant to keep emotions away because the familiarity with them is too painful to bear, and you lock them away in a corner of your memories.


  5. If he truly loved her,the wall of resistance can be broken over a period of time by tenacious and sincere love.She needs to know this guy is different and meant to stay with her for life.


  6. As someone who’s been broken a few times, I can surely empathize with your character… it is harder than ever to trust again. The wall comes up by default and everything is viewed with suspicious eyes. But I feel that somehow we must trust again because if we dont find happiness/love again, have we not already lost?


    1. Yes!
      Perhaps being lost feels like home?
      Perhaps suspicion feels too familiar?
      Perhaps trusting again is not an option anymore?
      When every joy seems like a gamble, one just doesn’t take the risk. The stakes are too high.


  7. They say that the walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy. Hope his love breaks that wall around her! Beautiful story, wonderfully expressed in 9 sentences! ♥


  8. No one can resist love. Someday, she’ll give in.

    Or maybe she won’t. A sequel coming up anytime soon?


    Updated my blog. Do drop by.


  9. I hope he does break through. Sometimes when we’ve been broken many times we instinctively put up barriers. Takes a lot of reprogramming to break them down.


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