When God plays Murderer

Last week, my best friend lost her five-days old daughter.
She lost her daughter last year too.
Last year, her baby was 3 days old.

My only question is WHY?
Why give when you have to take away, GOD?
What lesson do you have to teach to a mother twice, by snatching away her days old daughter?


She asked me to suggest a few names when she was born.
I suggested Aanya.

I wrote to her, Aanya means Grace. Also means Unique. In Persian, it means Precious.

To Aanya, the truly precious one.

Sweetie, wherever you are, you are loved.
You have tried to come, twice, to spread cheer in our lives.

Who called you back, dear?
What’s holding you back?

Aanya, we love you.
Mama, Papa.. everyone loves you.
Masi loves you.

May you be happy wherever you are, dear.
May God’s grace always be with you..

R.I.P Aanya



  1. I am not able to collect words to express how much grief it came as I read the post. God behaves mysteriously; mysteriously at times when we expect the most from him. And this not only applies to the God, to take away after you give is such an evil.


  2. Young Lady,

    Read 3 posts. I am unable to find words to express how I feel on reading this post. May God be kind to them and bless them with a healthy baby soon. How I wish instead of celebrating so called Womens Day like hypocrites we should all give due respect to women. I would rather advise Seeyas to have courage to stand up against such abuse. I appreciate her mother’s support. One who has suffered so much is bound to build wall around and it needs a lot of effort full of love & understanding.

    Take care


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