She looked at him…

“I hadn’t expected you to stoop this low.”

They were parting ways.

He had found someone else and had wanted out of the relationship.

In a flash, their first meeting crossed her mind. And one by one, those moments when he had tried so hard to gain her trust. Everything had been a lie!!  He had used sympathy, guilt, blackmail and what not to make her say yes.

She wasn’t angry at him. She was angry at herself for trusting. She was upset with herself for being so naive. A classic case. And here she was with empty hands.

She took all their belongings and went out. He didn’t follow her.

He was just glad to get rid of her. 


The waves were as angry as her. They beat at the rocks relentlessly, ebbing and flowing, ebbing and flowing, the surf encircling her feet and making sure she got wet till the knees. Her jeans told a different story.

Wet feet - A Cleansing Feeling

Wet feet – A Cleansing Feeling

She went a bit further into the waters. Her hands held a bag. The bag contained remnants of stuff she had made hundreds of pieces of.

She hurled it into the waters and waited until the waters took it away from her, far far away, tossing and turning it roughly, giving her a strange sense of satisfaction. This was what he had done with her feelings. And he was trying to break her yet again.

Not this time. Not. This. Time.

I will never forgive you for what you did then, and what you are doing now.



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