Selfie Bimari (The disease called Selfie)

I just posted on my Facebook wall:

I have absolutely nothing against selfies. I love selfies. But don’t take me wrong – but I was on a flight to Delhi last week, and the girl who was in the seat infront of me, was clicking her selfies for almost an hour (no exaggeration), pout this way, pout that way, top angle, side angle – I mean, on a flight seat, how many different selfies can you possible take????????? She must have clicked at least 40, before the gentleman next to me also got irritated, and sweetly asked her, “How many did you take?”
Don’t get me wrong, but I believe teenagers like these are so psychologically messed up, that they do not understand the difference between making memories and self-obsession.

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Now, I understand we all love selfies. I take selfies to capture myself whenever I am decked up for a party or an outing, to share it with my family as I stay away from them.

On the other side of the horizon are kids with smart phone obsessed about their appearances and keep searching for that “perfect’ angle, and taking hundreds of selfies and posting them on social media.

Now, two things post this:

1. They are obsessed about the “likes and comments” on their selfies

2. They are looking for appreciation and compliments.

This disease has affected men and women alike. Researchers have linked this to a disorder called Body Dismorphic Disorder. According to Dr David Veale, a consultant psychiatrist at the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust and The Priory Hospital, selfie addiction is not really an addiction, but a compulsion to keep checking one’s appearance as it looks to the world.

This compulsion is fed by the interactions on the posted images, and more the likes and comments, more the desire to take more selfies. It’s a vicious circle that doesn’t end. Britain had a case of a teenage attempting suicide due to being dissatisfied by the way he looked in his selfies.

Teenagers who are addicted to selfies are known to suffer from

  • Inferiority Complex
  • False sense of confidence
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Technology Addiction
  • Attention issues
  • Narcissism
  • Psychosomatic issues

and a host of other mental issues, apart from losing friends, disturbing relationships and messing up their social lives.

So, should we all stop taking selfies?

Nope!! Selfie in itself is not “wrong” or “bad”, it’s the underlying problem of any activity that is done in excess, whether taking selfies or smoking cigarettes.

If you know a teenager or someone around you who has an excessive compulsive disorder or taking selfies every minute, would you find the courage to help them? Or what would you do? Ignore?

Share your thoughts and perspectives on this.

And now, for the Devil’s Advocates: I have also read a couple of reports wherein the entire selfie addiction thing was termed a “hoax”. I am not sure, but I do understand from my most common sense that any obsession is an obsession because there is an underlying problem. And someone who can take 40 selfies in an hour, sitting on a cramped Jet Airways seat, does have some issue with the way she looks, and the way she perceives herself.

Hoax or not, it’s but common sense – decide for yourself.

Ending with some funny images from ‘

Courtesy Delirious Heights

Courtesy Delirious Heights

Courtesy: Healthowealth dot com

Courtesy: Healthowealth dot com



  1. There is no doubt that so many people actually do suffer from this – you just have to see regular social media like Facebook and Instagram to know that. For some, just pointing out that they need to tone it down a bit may be enough to give them a reality check. As for the others… 🙂
    P.S. Good to see you blogging. Been awhile.


  2. I agree this stupidity is getting out of hand…. We were at the Louvre, trying to get to La Giaconda aka Mona Lisa and had to fight our way through a crowd that 99% more interested in taking selfies. They jostled each other, back to the painting, paying no attention to the painting itself….

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