She danced, not knowing…

Image Credits: Amber from Tenderness Blog

She danced, not knowing he was watching

She smiled, looked at the skies, eyes twinkling

She grew to love the mountain that stared at her home,

Her eyes anticipated with bated breath, not knowing she had arrived.

Her mind played games, her inner critic, all negative

She knew not yet, he was still watching

She looked at the beasts, heart filled with love for them,

She stooped and squatted to pet them all in frenzy

Her heart flew in ecstacy as their unconditional love poured on her

She knew not yet, that he was still watching.

Her expressions changed from joy to gloom, as memories played havoc

She pulled the reins of her mind’s horses, smiling back again

And in one gracious sweep, she turned and their eyes met

One moment carried an eternity of silent words,

In that one eye contact, she felt her heart fly towards him

His smile reached his eyes, and she lowered hers, feeling shy

He moved towards her, reaching out for her petite hand

Her fingers between his, she knew now what to say

Words had deserted her, emotions swept her away

She looked towards the skies and said a little prayer

Lead me on, Universe, I deserve a royal lover.

He led her to the pedestal, helped her take a seat

He pampered her with praises and words of passion deep.

She knew now, it was love, her heart took another flight

Her feet no more quiet, she ran to dance again

Dance again she did, in little drops of rain,

She knew now, he watched, he smiled in love plain.

Each one of us deserves to be loved truly and pure. Love can never be defined or restricted into a few words. It is not only eternal and infinite but also deep and grey. Define it one way, and it will prove you something else. A hundred shades of love may not be enough to experience, it is merely the L of Love – and a long way to go.


If you have 'walked with me into the woods', a blog post at a time, do tell me how you felt in the comments section below :)

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