Searching for Curry Leaves in the Hills

IMG_20150512_131604 copy

Rounnnnnnd the bend she goes, looking for curry leaves on the hill side!!

IMG_20150512_131626 copy

Is that the one?? No, that looks like one!! No, I think not… the leaves are not as dark green.

IMG_20150512_131647 copy

Ah… Ummm… No luck!!! Should have thought of it while in the plains!

IMG_20150512_131654 copy

Andddd… there it is!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyy…. Dosas for dinner!! BTW, did you know that curry leaves/kadhi patta is called Meetha Neem (Sweet Neem) in north India?

So, thus, she went hunting for curry leaves in the remotest of civilizations, of all the places on the Hills, where curry leaves do NOT grow. And found some too!!


What an adventure!


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