Why “produce” children if so frustrated?

Picture this:

A handsome young man, a beautiful fair lady with two smart kids. Elder one is a blond haired 4 year old boy and younger one is a sweet little angel with blonder hair and cute dimples. Hardly 2 years old.

The li’l one is lovely… Looking for interesting tid bits around her… Wanting to explore and trying to get just a few steps around her mother.

She succeeds.
The boy follows her too.
They look happy… Exploring… Playing.

The mother suddenly gets up.. Her beautiful face now red in anger. She spanks the boy. She lifts the girl by her wrist, roughly letting her hang in air, and flings her on the seat next to her.

The picture of a happy family just blown into a million bits.

It downright offends me. It hurts me to see parents abusing kids because they are frustrated. Why bring two more lives when you can’t have the patience or the prudence to let your kids just be kids?


Such parents should be punished. Because they are nurturing psychosomatic issues in those little minds. These are kids who grow up to be abusers or loners or eccentric. These are kids whose teenage gets messed up.

Why give them life in first place?
Because everyone around you has kids??
Because you will get closer to menopause in late 30s?
Because your in-laws wanted grandkids to play with?

All excuses.


If you have 'walked with me into the woods', a blog post at a time, do tell me how you felt in the comments section below :)

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