Looking back and yet moving forward

I am absolutely in love with my present.

Just had a new haircut; eyes healthy, sparkling with a twinkle. Health’s a lot much better, and mood’s something like… “I am on top of the world.”

Pic Credits: BM Photography

Life seems to be smiling and I am wondering, wow. When did this happen?

Sometimes, life just decides to give up hurting you and wraps up the thorns in bubble paper and tosses them into the sea. Out come roses and lilies, with their teasing scents, every day a new beginning, every day a high.

In such days I found my peace.

Or I just grew wiser?

I know not, but that I am able to look back and yet move ahead.

To collect all my wisdom, and make space for more.

To use all my learnings and yet yearn for more.

To visualize my future, and live the present to brim

I am in peace.

I am full.


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