The good you do…

This is very strange – an incident that restored my faith in the goodness of people.

I was working really late and was on my way back home in an #Uber cab. My office phone was right about to conk off, and I requested the cabbie to hand me the charger. I fixed my phone on the back seat pocket, and relaxed while I reached.

Well, very typical of me, I forgot about it. Guess what? My sister calls me half an hour later, and tells me that I have forgotten my phone in the cab and that she received a call from someone who has found the phone and had left his number. So, I noted down the number and called it immediately. Although I am tuning out my state of mind from the descriptive blog, one may imagine how worried I’d have been, considering that this was the second time I was losing my office phone… there’s something that’s not quite right between me and my office phones.

Coming back to my story, I spoke to this guy – call him D.V., and he turns out to be another IT chap who works close by where I got dropped. He was the next passenger in the same cab, and had found my phone. He called up my office and informed them of finding the phone., left his contact numbers there too, and then called my Home.

When I spoke to him, he told me the same facts. I took his home address and was on my way to take the phone back. During the ride, I was filled with so many mixed emotions – he could be anyone, he could do anything, is it a risk? Should I be going? What if he doesn’t have my phone? What if he asks me something in return? What if…. what if…. what if….

And when I reached the apartment and called him, he came out – with my phone. That’s it. It was unbelievable. Too good to be true. Just. too. good. to. be. true. I just asked him one question. Why? And he said, well, I just thought what I’d think if I lost my phone and someone found it – what would I want that someone to do? That’s exactly what I did.

All I know, is that the good you do, comes back to you.

Thank you, D.V. Thank you. And we pass it on. I will. Just like D.V. did. 

This video is dedicated to you:


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