Shards of Glass – Unbroken II

… and that’s when I knew he/she did not love me any more.

Written for a Flash Fiction contest by Raksha Bharadia on Bonobology

Continued from Shards of Glass – Unbroken

Huh!! Whatever!

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Deepika was writing for the CEO Magazine. Writing for herself was one thing… but writing for the CEO, about the CEO was another. She wasn’t really a writer. She was used to her Excel sheets so much that she realized 50% of what she had written was numbers. Her eyes popped out as she churned out words unfamiliar. Born in 1975, Mr. Tom Griffith had wondered, as a baby, how many minutes it took for him to gauge the temperature in the musty room. Backspace… Backspace… Backspace…

What am I writing????!!! Her thoughts detoured to the same day last year. 27 Jan 2015. She was invited to New York to the TechTrumpet Awards to receive the Best Indexing Feature and requested him to care for her ailing grandma while she was away. He refused. He just said, “I am busy.”

“That was it … and that’s when I knew he did not love me any more,” she whispered to herself. She laughed ironically at their ‘namesake’ marriage. A sham. THE Big Indian Wedding Sham. Like thousands of girls, her dreams had also disintegrated into a million shards. Nothing new. Nothing out of the ordinary. 

Backspace… Backspace… Backspace… The would-be CEO had educated parents who had planned it all out for him. She wrote, getting back to the intimidating task at hand.



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