The Void


I see them all talking
Voices from every side of me
My head starts spinning
And sweet void closes in.
In this sweet void, I see
A world of never ending glee
Sometimes it’s also black
Then I take time to come back

Sometimes, I am quiet. Silence.
Meditating, guided only. Yet,
The voice disappears. Comes dread
The void, sweet void closes in, quick.
This time, it’s a fall – a never ending fall.
I see myself parallel to the ground
Only, the ground is nowhere. I am in air.
Black beneath me, no lights at all.
It engulfs me, the black, the fall, the void.

I am playing with colors, creating art.
Makes me happy, dance with joy.
As my brush dances on paper, wet and dry
Wet and dry. There comes the sweet void.
My brush keeps moving, art keeps happening
But my void keeps me company. Throughout.
As I think what to create, my void eggs me on.
And I feel elevated. Anxious but elevated.
The art just like that, gets created.

I am done with the day, all chores perfect
I am tired and spent, great day well spent.
I have to sleep, but sleep eludes me
There is an anxious voice inside of me
It says do something, don’t sleep
Sleep wastes minutes and hours, don’t sleep
Do something, something, something
Take a brush, a needle or a crochet hook
Do something, don’t let the day end
And sweet void slips in again.

Sweet void, oh sweet void
When will you leave me and go on your way?
Sweet void, don’t haunt me
For I just don’t want you to stay.
Sweet void, you can’t win with me
I am stronger with great kith and kin.
I am aware now, much much aware
So I catch you red-handed when you
Dawn upon me. No, you can’t escape.
That was then, when I didn’t see you
Never knew you existed all through.
This is now, today and tomorrow
I will catch you, each time bigger you grow.
Go Go Go, sweet void go
On your way, to sweet void, go.

(c) Punam J R
All Rights Reserved


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