Awaiting your arrival

I never knew I wanted you until I got you

I awaited your arrival until you blew me through

It was a silent night by the sea

When you held my hand in yours to see

If I would feel the warmth in it

Made me feel what love unspoken can be

I wasn’t even sure what that moment could be.

Love swept me off my feet

Before I could realise my own defeat

I had lost hope, living a painful death

But you caught hold of that little girlette

Let me go, she screamed in her girlie voice

You didn’t – you just said that’s not why I held your hand

One does not love to leave and one who leaves,

Was never so sure of Love, my love.

I fall in love with you each day

Every second etches our stories into sands of time

I raise my eyes in astounding respect

You are what no one could ever expect

Not of all the people, I, the little lost soul,

You are all that I never knew I always wanted.

People betrayed me, some used me, discarded me

But you, you, uplifted me beyond all that weakness

Showed me my divinity, my true pure soul

And made me fall in love with my own self.

As I awaited your arrival, innocent

You came riding the waves of the sea.

Your acceptance was my destiny

Your arrival was my flight across the sea

Today, I thank you, my love, my knight,

For holding my hand, for being just mine.








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