Love, they say, is Euphoria

Many a times, there is nothing one can give another. Just by being themselves.

Just being.

Neither do we take nor do we give. It’s all destiny.

Just by being, we add value to another.

Like waves that merge into one another, life moves on, scrambles, unscrambles, merges, unmerges, and when you come to your senses, those waves that were your best friends are no more there. Those pieces of puzzles that fit so perfectly that some believed they had found their other half, some believed that they had found that perfect hand for the glove, everything is no more there. The pieces of puzzle unscrambled themselves and reassembled with other pieces – perfectly. Those waves merged into others – in perfect symphony.

And life goes on.

Pages of time turn one by one, from the right to left. As future unfolds, there is just one truth. No one can be bound. No one is free. No one can be held. No one is abandoned. No one can be defended, no one supported.

Ages go by, but a peek into the eons that have passed and no one ever said, I found salvation. Who finds salvation? What is it? Salvation for a thirsty soul is but a drop of water, for a hungry soul, is but a morsel of food. Salvation for a love besotten maiden is but a glance of affection, for the other half, is but one nod of soul.

The book of life, is an unending epic. There is no end, neither is there a beginning to it. Is it Shiva? It may not be. Is it Infinity? It may not be. Is it Zero, naught? It may not be. Has anyone ever seen it, measured it, dived into its depths?

Many think they have. No one did. No one.

For when the end comes, there wouldn’t be anyone to speak, and anyone to hear. There wouldn’t be the heard, and the spoken. There wouldn’t be the seen and the felt.

It’d just be one. Black.



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