My tryst with Graphology

In 2012, I stumbled upon a great Graphology blog written by Vishwas Heathcliff, called Write Choice.

I found it very interesting and started exploring Graphology as a hobby. For the ignorant, pardon me if I underestimate you, graphology is the the study of handwriting analysis. It is said that handwriting reveals your state of mind, and Graphology does just that – illustrates the personality of the writer as he/she is in the now. For example, the study of signatures reveals a lot about the brand image of a person – and how he/she wants to be seen in public. Not only that, a small or large handwriting has its implications. And so on and so forth.

Getting your handwriting analysed helps you in understanding yourself, and yes, you can improve your life by changing the way you write.

Experts like Vishwas Heathcliff are around, sharing their much guarded secrets on the science. Vishwas has come out with a little book – a kind of a ready reckoner on what signatures can reveal.

You can buy it here:


Some areas where signatures can be analysed to give extraordinary results:

  1. Recruiter hiring candidates (Loyalty, Responsibility, Perseverance, Honesty)
  2. Intelligence bureaus while investigating criminals
  3. Couples about to get married (for trouble makers – abusive,  liar)

I would recommend this book to everyone as it is always a good skill to have, and something like this, could be a make or break when it comes to big life decisions.

Although there may be naysayers who do not believe in Graphology, this really does work – I have tested it myself and I have learnt to analyse hand writings. There was one handwriting that I analysed recently – and something as deep as this came out, which was agreed by the writer:

Although he would not feel bad about people getting on his wrong foot internally, he would make sure that they knew that he can not be taken for granted. I was able to gauge this through a comparison and analysis of handwriting and signature.

Now this is a paradox, and involves calculated behavior for a desired outcome. I do not mean to depict this in a negative way for he is one of the best and most popular managers and I think this has been his strength.

Now, learn for yourself and let me know if you do – how your experience was. Yes, it is as simple as that.



If you have 'walked with me into the woods', a blog post at a time, do tell me how you felt in the comments section below :)

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