About Lifters and Leaners

International Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer & Youth Empowerment Coach in India –Simerjeet Singh talks about what is the way to happiness, how one must learn to decide that happiness is right now, and not “after one goal is achieved, then another and so on”… and how one must seek to be happy first, before spreading happiness around.

About Lifters and Leaners, Mr. Singh says, “People can be categorized into two types – lifters and leaners.” Lifters are those who are truly happy from inside, and they always lift others up. Leaners are empty on the inside, but try to find happiness from external sources, without realising that unless one is happy inside, nothing from the external world can make him/her truly happy. A lifter is a person resembling a filled up glass – he can only pour his happiness across to other people. Only when you are filled up and brimming with joy inside, can you come to the position of spreading the happiness over.

Simerjeet Singh says this is an illusion. The illusion that you can suppress your happiness and find it in making someone else happy. It is the biggest lie you tell yourself. Unless you are happy inside yourself, you can never be truly happy.

A wonderful example that is, to understand the true way to happiness – there is no way to happiness.Happiness is the way. So, if you fill up your life with little moments of happiness every day of your life, you will only look back to see a joyful life spent, living each moment, no matter how difficult or how easy it was, to the fullest.

He gives another poignant example – that being thankful and grateful for life’s blessings is the best way to live a rich life. He starts his day with two words – Thank You. I personally have been thankful to a lot of things/people in my life, for loving me, breaking me, hurting me, teaching me, and in the process, becoming the catalysts who resulted in the me that I am today. The universe loves to give you more when you thank it for its blessings. I have followed this for the past two years. After Robin Sharma, Darren Hardy and Paulo Coelho introduced me to the laws of attraction and how one has to live every moment to live life fully, I am today touched by the concept of Lifters and Leaners as introduced by Singh.

I, for sure, know what I want to be –  a lifter. What do you choose to be?



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