Learning from danger

I am learning how to drive. Why? Because I want to. And I have failed several times but that does not stop me from getting up and getting back again.

I met with an accident today. No, I did not get hurt. No one did. Yes the car got banged up.  😦 The radiator is broken as is the bumper.

I believe each one of us should have aΒ never-give-up drive towards everything in life. I am shaken up but have not lost hope.

I will persevere.




  1. I’ve been there myself…. I’m a crappy driver who even after 2 years of trying to learn spasmodic all has yet to gain enough confidence to take the car out by myself…. I do just fine when someone’s sitting next to me…. I don’t understand why…. That’s why I appreciate it even more that even after having banged your car you’re still willing to go out there and master the art. I would’ve chickened out

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  2. Omg I’m too afraid to get behind the wheel and I’ve failed my test twice. Nothing I’m proud of lol but I booked another test already at the end of this month. You are not alone in this. Love the fact you are not Giving up. Once you are happy driving, it’ll feel like the best thing you ever did.

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