The other side of Being Managed

My earlier boss was a micro manager.

My function would go nowhere without his approval – in fact, he defined what is to be done and what is not to be done, in spite of having no knowledge about my function. I was restrained from contacting the higher management – I believe it was because of insecurity. My work cannot happen without contribution from higher management. 

The worst thing that I was made to do was personal promotion – not for the company but for him in the name of leadership positioning. I could have taken a stand and refused but decided to go along with the flow as according to him, “aligning with your manager” was very important. And he was THE higher management, ruling every other leader with aggressiveness. I was but a little kid in front of him. 

It took me one year of patience to gain his trust, although it wasn’t my intention. Unfortunately, I am in a position where all my work is visible to the entire organization and suddenly, I found myself being perceived on the basis of the menial work I was made to do earlier.

He is no more my boss, but he has left a legacy – a prejudice that I have to continue facing until people see me as me – doing what I believe is right, and not executing someone else’s whims and fancies.

I do not regret not putting my foot down because I only gave in to the work that I was instructed to do. I did not give away my pride and did not follow the tradition of “buttering up your manager” to get into good books. The army style boss culture seemed to be a mandate. I couldn’t subscribe to it. I refused to. I paid a hefty price for it. All i knew was,  I would do anything for pride. 

I reiterate: Do what you feel is right.




  1. It’s funny you’d share this today…. My boss walked into my office today simply to micromanage while I was working with a patient (I do outpatient registration in a hospital) …. Which is highly inappropriate, considering the issue of patient confidentiality.
    I asked her what I could help her with as politely as I could, and profusely apologized to the patient I was attempting to register while my boss was standing there.

    Put your foot down. There’s no substitute for respect and no reason for your boss to doubt your capabilities when he or she knows perfectly well that your performance excels.

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  2. My personal pet peeve with micro managing bosses is that while it takes loads of time and results to gain their trust, they’re very quick to revert back to their original self at the first thing not going as per plan. Perhaps it is their inherent insecurity.

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  3. Shakespeare gave excellent advice (in Hamlet, Lord Polonius’s address to his son) with words to the effect: “This above all, to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man”.

    My own actions were always to to get the intruding boss involved and then find an excuse to suddenly leave him with it. (Never failed, although once I had to clean up afterwards).

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