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The Arnab Wave

I wasn’t particularly a regular viewer of The News Hour. I had seen some episodes and was quite neutral about Arnab Goswami. That is, until I saw one of his recent episodes on Triple Talaq.

And. that. was. it.

Hats off to him for what he did on that show. The way he ousted Shamsher Khan Pathan for insulting his women panelists on national television was outstanding.

This man symbolizes integrity.

I will not speak in length on what his good and bad qualities are. I’d just like to post two of his awesome videos that one should see without fail.

  1. The Triple Talaq True Heroism


2. Interview at EEMAX Global 2016 event

The second video shows Arnab in a very calmer temperament, quite unlikely of what we see (used to see) on The News Hour.

I am quite upbeat and hopeful about Arnab’s call for the concept of a united international journalism and I believe he will make his dream come true now that he has chosen another path. It would be exciting to see what he does next, but whatever he does would be, I am sure, on the pillars of integrity and impactful journalism.

I am looking forward to it – what about you?


As within, so without

8 thoughts on “The Arnab Wave

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    1. Absolutely!!! He just doesn’t let anyone get away with whimsical stories. That brings in a sense of responsibility and accountability among others also, and people get careful about what they speak or do. That is called impactful journalism.

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