Corporate Lies

Another one of my earlier posts. The update below it explains further how this happened and my current learning about this scenario:

I thought I was at a good place, an MNC that everyone envied. I had worked very hard. Gave my best. Great results came. I felt so proud of it. I was also given the highest rating there, perhaps for my hard work.

A new opportunity. A 60% hike. I wanted to grow. I resigned. They became vengeful. Yes. Stripped away my ratings. All because I was going. I was of no use to them anymore.

I knew it was my last day there.

I knew I would never return. Not now. Not later.



This happened to me about 6Β years ago. Too emotionally connected with my job, I felt that world was “good” and “fair”. But as of today, I know and understand very well how Corporates work. I may be in the giving position today, and have made it a point not to do what was done to me, but this is definitely neither understood nor appreciated. In Rome, only Roman works. In Brazil, Portuguese. In the Corporate, only cut-throat works. Period.

End of the day, it’s your truth that you have to stand by.



  1. Opportunism can be seen among many employers and many employees. Having been an employee and an employer, I’ve experienced this.

    Most of the employees who complain about ‘the ways of the employers’ today will adopt the same ‘ways’ when they become employers tomorrow.


  2. Young Lady,

    That is the way of life in corporate world. Most of the organizations will give your due recognition as long as it is felt that you are of use to them. If it is felt that someone else who can be of more use than you and is available then life is made difficult making you to quit. I have experienced it. That is why I say that one should always work for own satisfaction that job is really done to the best of ability rather than praise or rewards.

    Take care


  3. There all sorts but that shouldn’t stop us from growing. Big Corporate means greed and the ugly face of capitalism plus conspiracy. I faced the same when the abruptly closed the company wo giving compensation. There are bigger and better things lining for us:)


  4. No such thing as coincidence….I’d no sooner posted today’s post when I read this one, and it is so relatable…Although my context isn’t tied to employment, I think I have a really good understanding of what you were speaking to, and I appreciate how horrible it must have been for you…how demoralizing. And, I am so happy to know that you survived that experience…that you know that that is not for you. Thank you for fighting the good fight, and for inspiring others to do the same πŸ™‚

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  5. This happens so frequently. It’s like the company suddenly disowns you because you decided to quit and are no longer a valuable asset at their disposal. It hurts but I think that’s how it stays, them mostly holding a grudge against you for they feel like their time spent in training and preparing you for their company got completely wasted. And if you’re good at your work, they hate you even more because how would they get thay replacement when hiring is anyway a tedious process. Lol I got to know about their side of story by listening to my seniors whine about quitting members!

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  6. Oh how I did work for Corporate and it is cut throat. I got out of it for Political reasons and ethics. I don’t “Kiss ass” or play games. I saw what they did to me and quit. I still yet have to find a job. I was homeless and jobless and still am…but staying with a friend. I do not have a job, all the offers come back as YOU are not the candidate we chose someone more qualified. But be as it may, I have two degrees and am over qualified. So that is a bad thing these days. I pray that I get out of this soon.


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