Cyber Stalking – Nonsense and a menace

Exactly 7 years ago, on 10th January 2010, when I used to blog at Dreamz Forever, I blogged about this troll who kept stalking me for years. Then I also wrote about Cyber Stalking. When it happened to me, I took action because I refused to take crap like that. Submitted the records to the police department and ensured that they RECORD the contact details – and necessary action was taken. I shall not hesitate again – have fought in life and will always be a fighter.

Today, he still keeps stalking me online – and is now befriending my friends through their FB accounts as well. This is not done and I am absolutely averse to anyone who troubles women. No woman deserves to be troubled and pestered this way.

I have reached out to my friends and have warned them about the troll – as it is my responsibility to make them aware of a trouble-monger. My earnest request is not to accept friend requests from any strangers and be aware of fake profiles that are more of cowards who like to misuse the Internet – they don’t really have a life of their own.

The Internet might be a dangerous place but if we share the fake profiles and details (if known) of such people with everyone, we will be able to curb this menace as more and more people come to know about it. Making incidents public takes guts, but that also means the chances of nailing such people multiplies exponentially.

I believe we all should stand together and make the world a safer place.




  1.’ve got that right. We gotta communicate with those we trust most, and keep ourselves aware of our security settings. I had to ask how to block someone when they stopped talking to me for a few months (thankfully), but then spent time trying to get to my friends and leaving inappropriate comments. I didn’t even think that was possible, but they showed me how to block the guy and did the same. That was a wake up experience.

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