When nothing inspires

Some days are just like dampness.

You don’t like it and wait for it to dry out completely.

We tend to have such days and during those days, nothing seems to inspire us.

What do I do on such days?

  1. Meditate: I like to listen to guided meditation, especially those that allow for paced breathing and progressive muscle relaxation.
  2. Read: Although my reading has stopped for quite some while, I have days when reading soothes me. I can not read more than 20-30 pages at a time.
  3. Cook: Cooking is a big destressor for me. I forget everything when I cook.
  4. Mobile Game: Some times, you just want to kill time without taxing your brain – without making it “think”. A simple mobile game does the trick!!
  5. Sleeeeeeeeeeep: Nothing beats sleep and I am sure each one of you (except insomniacs) will agree with me.
  6. Watch videos: Funny, inspirational, TED Talks, How To’s, you choose what works for you. How To’s work for me.

What works for you?



  1. Mexican Restaurant this. i.e. they offer the fine array of combination dishes to try at the restaurant so try more than one approach. oh and get fat at the mexican restaurant of finding inspirations! ๐Ÿ˜‰ it takes time to sort through enough time for time to change.

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      • I’m restricted. I can’t explore as much of this or that and oddly enough don’t adore or go gaga about it all. I think it’s a lot easier to follow the common advice of being careful to note a: you can’t drastically alter anything dietarily in much less than 3 months unless it’s a controled substance so overall carefully noting and choosing less not which is likely thee most effective approach. if avacado improves your eyesight and hair and nails guac it up! if you can stand light or funko oil mayonaise:? buy it however about the only thing i’d suggest as a healthier alternative of intake is to enjoy some different nut butters like cashew butter pistachio butter or generally different intake in moderation- like almond milk with a cereal unsweetened but cashew milk if justifiable cost wise can sub out the usual intake. this forces economy but that’s meant to make intake lesser not one unhappy and starved.. this can alter nutritional differences possibly improve calmium intake / bone health and if balanced avoid the pitfalls of overdoing it on calmcium which …don’t do it. we wont jinx ourselves why… just don’t do it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ you’ll bob dylan…every body must get … yeah. orange essential oil like all great grade citrus is good at some of the overdone fats and boosting energy and improving vitamin c absorbtion so that might just be my second note. I can stare many down in that i weigh significantly less than i did 20 some ago but i must hawk my intake as it never balanced my little idiosynchronicities. which aren’t little demons now but bigger. or i know beef tallow or kidney fat is great for soap making but lol do you want to be soap? watch it on the beef tallow intake. I have to watch it all i’m disallowed it. pork is ldl and villified for it… yet chicken and turkey are praised and:? vldl albeit lower calorically overall but whats there is wow not as goodl. at all. go figure. this said coconut palm oil is a very high temp flashpoint oil hence it’s silk to movie theater textured popcorn…silk. but if it doesn’t over 3 months now improve hair skin and nails then it’s not for you. or avacado or any of them. I woory less on fats than sugars as sugar is more immediately an issue for me. I got these david lee australian licorice at work…convenience store/with gas… ooo. but i work hard to be proud i got that versus nothing and work it with dedication again over time not dedicated tonight lol thus same thing healthy is going to be hard to tell save over time with whether you keep a good balance of nutrition if not make progress which is more easily explained with a weighing and overall lessening of all fats. but if you’re meditteranean do olive oil it’s going to adjust your ratio of hdl cholesterol that is a good thing. or. watching it’s far easier than whether it’s healthy or not. hydro chondrotian and glucousamine are occcassionally abundant in a fatty pork chop lol while they are ldl cholesterol not good but not chicken lol you’ll keep the body supplied with connective absobable this and lesser or better fats alll together might slightly reduce health risk. but be aware of it’s 3 months which is an eternity to find out if we selected well. weightloss 95 pounds down to 140’s cholesterol currently irritating on a beef and pork restriction and chicken …well makes me fragrant. I have also to watch out for chlorine and phosphorous as I would like to avoid kidney failure a bit 2 decades maybe 3 i’m greedy lol so while diabetes and kidney issues bother me i have managed 12 years officially diabetic and lost weight improved exercise and diet intake if you want my pudding proof. but i’m not a doctor or dietician. just like hot sauce yes! hot sauce can improve non heme iron intake absorbtion…iron for the red in blood… that’s true! but that’s slightly elevated for Asian folk but not norther european. so thats just a simple hint that it’s truly necessary to not sound bite here


  2. Inspiration is tough one. Sometimes all the things you mentioned works. But sometimes inspiration gets a life of its own and she evades. She knows how much you want her. She watches you suffer but she won’t give you that. She will wait till you are almost about to give up, on your last peg and then bang!!!!! She comes back into your life…. just like that…. ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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