In a moment of time

You meet a stranger,

He’s no more a stranger – in a moment of time

You form an impression,

Your past experience prompts that impression – in a moment of  time

You expect all to be good

That’s because you see all as you are – in a moment of time

Life is created with a union, in a moment of time.

Life ends – in a moment of time

Why then, can’t we forgive?

Why then, do we hold grudges for eternity?



10 thoughts on “In a moment of time

  1. crissdude

    I think the pain lingers, when dreams that were being turned into reality step-by-step are crumbled to dust in a moment of time.

    But yeah, I guess only those who are able to fill the void are more forgiving – maybe not by choice but because the new dreams keep them busy.

    Loved reading. Updated mine. Do drop by.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. A Walk into the Woods Post author

      Hello Cris, pain is an aspect of disappointment and hurt. Forgiveness is tough but eventually it comes to you, either with passage of time or like you said, with the entry of a new person. I think sometimes, it’s more by choice that we hold on to grudges than by compulsion or hurt. More so, when the grudge lasts for years.



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