LinkedIn Policing

One of the ladies on LinkedIn, Suman Agarwal posted the following question:

Should a woman stay in an abusive marriage for her kids or move out for her kids?

It’s obvious that the question would invite a barrage of debatable comments. But I do not want to talk here about the answer to that question right now. We will come to that later. What shocked me is the number of people who started commenting on whether LinkedIn is the right forum for this question.

Some even advised Suman to post it on Facebook.

Some such high headed commentors included women – sadly.

Here are some classic comments and replies to them from level-headed people:

**Advance Warning: I have collated about 50 comments from 500 – worked hard on it. Go ahead only of you have the patience to read them. You can scroll down though, but won’t comprehend why I am so cross.


Can’t even talk English. But saving family is lady’s responsibility, even if she is abused.


Spend more time with the husband so that he can abuse her more. Mr srinivaas makes perfect sense.

And Ms Swetha Kala – wants to try and change the man, cater to his needs, understand… and what not, ridiculous!!!


We all are fools. Mr Tyagi has an IQ of Marilyn vos Savant.


Society is perfectly normal when it accepts man abusing woman. But raising a voice is misleading a society. Wow.



How spiritual!!




I want to go to the garden of Eden!!!



ahem ahem, best poetry award!!



People can not have the compassion to offer their view but have the galls to waste their precious time writing “Post in another forum”.

And, trust me, it made me livid. Such an important issue – every forum counts, every supporting comment, every possible solution counts!!! Sadly, people like this lady love posting such comments, diverting attention from an important issue to the relevance of the platform. Hello? Why are YOU commenting on that post if it’s not supposed to be on LinkedIn???

Instead of contributing value to the debate, they sit on their high chairs and JUDGE.

Too many rants these days, but the Justice Lady just can’t take it!!!

Why do people not let women be, not let them take their decisions, not let them flourish by themselves without raising fingers?




  1. I did feel extraordinary fatigue as I read through comments and realized that our culture is regressive.
    Angelina Jolie left Brad Pitt.
    Emmanuel Kant propounded this philosophy to save a country , sacrifice a village, to save a family sacrifice a person ( In India , it is usually a mother) …I think individuals have the right to do what they feel as right in that situation.

    An abusive marriage can be converted in to an incompatible marriage at best.

    And children can always be visited by father when separated. Woman has a long battle even out side the marriage , abusers come in all names , just one of them is husband.
    Room Number 19 a short story of Doris Lessing who gave up the custody of her two biological children in South Africa speaks a lot for how suffocating marriages can be even when there is no abuse.

    Garden of Eden, understand him , spend more time , SUCKS…… !

    Moral of the story
    1) Never talk about abuse
    2) Victim blaming /Victim shaming is the norm .
    3) Divorce is seldom celebrated.
    4) Children become the game changers who are used to emotionally black mail women already prone to guilt.

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  2. I totally agree w you and also think LinkedIn is not the place for social issues. It is a business networking site. Therapists will tell you women stay in abusive relationships for a number of reasons. My wife’s mother took her and her sister out of their house in the middle of the night to escape their abusive dad and husband. Her mother died about six years later. My blogging friend divorced her husband after a horrible relationship and is now raising four boys on her own. Both of these situations took a great deal of strength. Possibly not everyone has this kind of inner strength. I would tell you I think the kids were better off in the end in both of these situations.

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  3. After a 54 minute thorough read, the post really deserved it, I have some conclusions.

    1. Linkedin is place where educated, talented and smart people put cv’s to get a job and also a place where people can talk.. the QUESTION IS APT FOR LINKEDIN. that way we get see what the intelligencia of this country thinks. We always blame the poor uneducated in the country. Hippocracy comes full circle.


    I am that kid from an abusive marriage.

    I am that kid that everyone is fighting for. Asking the women to stay put so the man with his feudal attitude can beat her black and blue..

    I am that kid who gets scared to come back home from school…

    I am thay kid who slept in fear every night.

    I am that kid whose only wish is to hear the sound of laughter when he/she comes back home from school.

    Do you know how cruelty and abuse affects a young child’s thinking and development?

    You are doing more harm to the kids by being in this marriage. Leave now!!!!

    “I am that kid”

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