Sometimes, I still wonder.

I did move on.

But I still want to know the secrets.

Why were they kept away from me?

Maybe I want to see repentance.

Maybe I want to close the loop.

Today, I am strong.

And balanced too.

I feel sad – that I can’t see anyone in trouble.

Foolish me, I keep dreaming of her – why?

Foolish me, I keep thinking he will apologise. Why?

Foolish me, I wonder what happened – why?

Foolish me, I feel sad about his depression – is it bipolar? is it schizophrenia?

I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t know. Maybe I should.

It’s gone. All gone. Gone. Gone. Gone.




  1. Some answers are never there because they don’t have a question at all which is applicable in Universe
    We let go so that we are free and Universe wants us simply to be free thus we need to let go of wanting answers too and then we truly have been able to let go. 🙏

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  2. There is no way to know many answers and there is actually no need to know it… Let forget closure is important … No answer is going to satisfy us, because the why can be asked again. … the why will be pushed back a little, that’s all.

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