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Book Review: The Pataala Prophecy Son of Bhrigu

Hello Folks,

I recently completed reading a new book, Son of Bhrigu (AKA The Pataala Prophecy) and simply loved it.

You can read my review on Goodreads here.

Book Rating: 4 / 5

Author Rating: 3.5 / 5

Recommendation: Must read




The Pataala Prophesy is the first book I picked up by author Christopher C Doyle, considering I have been pretty much averse to the genre of the likes of Amish (Shiva trilogy, Meluha, etc etc).

What attracted me to this book I wouldn’t be too sure, but yes, I ended up getting hooked to the story. Chris Doyle understands Hindu mythology so beautifully and hence, he is able to put it into words that create a visual treat for the reader.

His way of weaving in real mythology with his imaginative anecdotes somehow gives the story a very fresh original feel – and one wouldn’t get a whiff of what was his imagination until he reveals it in his epilogue.

The story of the Pataala Prophesy is about Shukracharya, who is the Son of Bhrigu, and the prophesy that was made by the Sapta Rishi during the start of the Kaliyuga. Brilliantly narrated, unputdownable and very much set in the modern world of Internet.


The language used to indicate that the story is set in the modern world somehow does away with the class that is typical of a literature lover. Somehow, that didn’t go well with me, and I found myself wrinkling my forehead at some places where the English used is so kiddish that the flow and awe just gets disturbed. More so, since the protagonists belong to the teaching community.

Yet, I would say, this is a must read and of course, it mentions a sequel – so, it does leave you wanting and craving for more, as soon as possible!!


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