An answer-less question

Juz thinking.. why no marriage of aadhar with voter card? If we want one and only one identity, then everything else must be removed.

How will a daily wage worker have a bank account?

Digital India is not just for the common man. It’s not just for the individual who has to stand in the lines for hours and hours to withdraw money that changed faces overnight. It’s not just for the little ones who are dying because their family’s name was struck off from welfare rolls for not having performed the “marriage” of aadhar with ration card.

It’s also for the ruling who have been able to settle down on “that” chair because these very same people had chosen them to rule. They chose, not for starving to death, not for being forced to have empty bank accounts, not for struggling to get new money, not for being threatened that their bank accounts will be discontinued, not for having to shell out taxes on basic needs that are “unclear”, “vague” and “dynamic”, not for women who pay more because sanitary napkins got dearer, not for the weaver whose fabric anyway has lost demand, not for manufacturers who are already hit because of imports, not for witnessing preferential treatment to those on the high chairs, not to suffer unplanned and disillusioned overnight decisions, not to just endlessly suffer.

It’s also for the ruling to first address the starved, the sick, the struggling and provide basic needs. One wouldn’t want to keep a little shack clean on an empty stomach. True, there are people – educated for that matter – who litter. But there is a higher percentage that has nothing to even litter. In fact, some find food from litter. Isn’t that a shame? Making life easier for the common man seems to be the last in the list of the ruling. However, do note that this is not meant to be an absolute statement.

It’s also for the ruling to first address the sectors that are draining money rather than penalize everyone and create more money. Reducing wastage is also saving money. Improving efficiency is also saving money. When you and I and everyone else is clearly showing where we are spending our money, then the ruling is also supposed to show where they are spending “our” money. Wouldn’t that be fair?

Anyway, I am not for or against anyone and am also aware of the positive changes that have happened – although very few and I am not sure if the effect of positive overrides the effect of negative, or vice versa? I started off as a thought, and didn’t plan to write so much – but, I guess there was a lot in mind that needed to be expressed. I am worried though. Really worried. Is the place where the Aadhar identities are kept secured enough? That and several apprehensions.

And even now, my question remains unanswered.

Do you have an answer?



Random Pic Random Post 7: Mi

@Funny that the Random Pic was missing. 😛

Mi A1

Yes, Mi. The Mi.

Disruption of disruptive strategy

Mi storms in with a tornado

Rest is definitely not the best, left behind by Mi.

Mi becomes ME, says every Mi user.

Mi. Personify.
PS: Mi is the flagship phone of Xiaomi that has taken the world by a storm. They release each version of their phone with a completely disruptive strategy and basically, disrupt their own previous version’s popularity with a clearly better version.

If you haven’t experienced one already, you must.

Goa Diaries: Spice Farm

And so, I have always wondered what would trees of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, etc., look like? And I so so badly wanted to see these trees.

Spice Farm in the list of places to see in Goa was a pleasant surprise. And chal padi main – I set off with my handbag on a quest to finally discover how spices originate.

Now, I saw how arabica coffee is grown (yes, on the trees – I know you would have imagined like me, that coffee also grows like tea, on little shrubs and plantation.)

I also saw cardamom, cinnamon bark and discovered that the leaves of cinnamon tree are used as substitute for bay leaf. How to identify which one is bay leaf and which one, cinnamon leaf – bay leaf has 1 vertical line in the center along its length, while cinnamon leaf has 3.

Cinnamon Leaf:

Cinnamon Leaf


Now, I got so diverted in my excitement while going around the spice farm that I ended up spending almost 7 k on various spices and oils. The best thing about the spice farm was the awe inspiring way nature has built these plants with such beautiful aromas and flavors.

We were served scrumptious lunch and the kokam Sharbat was something new to taste.

Having seen how cashew nuts grow and the tall long tree of the betel nut, I was quite satisfied that finally, I got to see how spices grew.

It was finally time to go home and well ok finally time to go back to the hotel and venture out for more shopping. Shopping and I are inseparable. I wish there was a pill that could cure the addiction of shopping. Well, since there’s nothing like that and I don’t think anybody will come up with something like that any time soon, I did the inevitable. I shopped and shopped, and then I shopped some more.

Here are some amateur videos from the farm. Please do pardon me for the shaky videos. This is the first time I have attempted to take videos when out on vacation with the intention of blogging.

Go go gooo…