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She finds her wings – Water Color Painting


First glance, this painting will remind you of an angel.

But I see it as the WOMAN who found her wings and is ready to fly.

The woman who breaks her shackles and escapes to freedom land

The woman who fights back and leaves her past behind

The woman who became a man and took all onus on her shoulders

The woman who decided to give life to uplifting of souls

The woman

The invincible, unstoppable woman.

Dedicated to #IAMPINK and #PARCHED. 

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Diaries of the Hechicera: Bleeding Roses


Image Credit: Nicolas Raymond

In my mind’s eye, I envisioned a story that had no beginning,
Years and years of wait, is what I could only imagine.
Life’s most fruitful years, one by one just disappeared
Left me wondering, wandering, perplexed and tired.
It’s raining bleeding roses. Know it. It’s raining bleeding roses.

In my sweet innocent little heart, I heard a heartbeat whisper,
It questioned, in doubt, finally!! Will the wait be over?
And I really really thought, it would be,
So I convinced my innocent heart, hour after hour.
It was raining bleeding roses, I didn’t know. It was raining bleeding roses.

There they were, the heart and mind, rejoicing a tad bit early,
For in store for them, was a story that would leave them both gory.
I had no answer, nothing to tell them, their eyes reflecting hurt deep,
For they felt that I had betrayed them, beyond repair, ruthlessly.
Would you please tell them I hadn’t known, it rained bleeding roses?

Would you? You? and You? Please explain, clarify for me?
I am as innocent as a child’s playful glee?
I had no vendetta, I had no theory,
I hadn’t any big wishes, except for joys and a bit of cheer.
I knew not, truly, dear heart, we had bleeding roses in store.

Stories that have no beginnings, tales without endings,
That start lonely, and end lonely, they rain bleeding roses.
Of hearts that cry and learn to live alone and stop questioning,
They just keep sucking manna out of solitary trysts, always beckoning.
They know now, that life will always rain bleeding roses.

Know it, heart. Know it, mind. It’s always going to rain,
And rain it will, in soft and tender, beautiful bleeding roses.

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Searching for Curry Leaves in the Hills

IMG_20150512_131604 copy
Rounnnnnnd the bend she goes, looking for curry leaves on the hill side!!
IMG_20150512_131626 copy
Is that the one?? No, that looks like one!! No, I think not… the leaves are not as dark green.
IMG_20150512_131647 copy
Ah… Ummm… No luck!!! Should have thought of it while in the plains!
IMG_20150512_131654 copy
Andddd… there it is!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyy…. Dosas for dinner!! BTW, did you know that curry leaves/kadhi patta is called Meetha Neem (Sweet Neem) in north India?

So, thus, she went hunting for curry leaves in the remotest of civilizations, of all the places on the Hills, where curry leaves do NOT grow. And found some too!!


What an adventure!

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The Greatest Love of All

Returning love with the same and greater intensity
Submissive by choice

Mother and Baby
Mother’s love
Horse and Baby
Horse and Baby
Black Swan and Babies
I shall love you even if you look different, Baby
Couple in Love
I shall love you forever, my love. In Joy and In strife. In every shade of life.

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Introduced in February 2013 on Everyday Gyaan – an invitation, a prompt, a linky. Write exactly a 100 words on the prompt and publish it on your blog – a story, a poem, a mini-essay. The linky will be open right up to next Friday.
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This week’s prompt: ‘The Greatest Love of All’.


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The Wall

As he inched towards her, he could see a shade of fear in her eyes.

The unbroken pieces
The unbroken pieces

His palms encircled her cheeks, to pull her closer to him, his lips locking with hers, uncertainly at first, though finishing the kiss with a soft “I love you”.
She let him kiss her, but he felt something amiss – she wasn’t responding to him.

And then he had flashes of her past – how she had been broken several times – this girl, who could be a blessing in anybody’s life, the way she carried herself now, with all her guards up, had shut down completely.

He wanted to show her that life is not as hard as she thought.
But how could he, someone had messed her mind up completely.

He couldn’t get past that wall, no matter how hard he tried.
She had built it around herself, brick by brick, strong and secure, as a defense mechanism, never to open it to anyone.

Today was a start, a small one, but a start nevertheless.

This piece of fiction has been written for Write Tribe’s Festival of Words 3 Entry 1: 9 Sentence Fiction

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

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Matters of the Heart

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Come February and everyone around me gears up for Valentines’ Day. A day many people await in their lives –
couples who wait for the day to gift each other red hearts and diamonds, red roses and trinkets;
singles waiting to find the partner of their dreams;
people who lost love, trying to get it back or make up for it by replacing the memory with new one;
lonely people eyeing happy couples and feeling wistful…

However, people across ages have asked this question and I might be crazy but I wish to ask this again – What is love?

Does love only mean “not being lonely?”
Do we associate the “presence” of someone special as love?
Do we call the fluttering of heart as love?
Do we say dependence on someone is love?

I wouldn’t be too sure.
There are people who have found their partners and settled down.
These people think they have found love. I beg to differ. Love comes anyways. They have found a person who trusts them, respects them, walks life with them and puts them above everyone else.

There is a big difference. The latter causes love. Not the other way round. You don’t fall in love and then trust the person blah blah blah. You respect a person, spend time with them, understand them and respect them. Then you fall in love.

But then, falling in love is certainly not the be all and end all of life. However, we make it so. We turn a lifetime of living and loving into a one time event of falling in love. What about after? What about after after?

I mean this is life, right? One has to LIVE it. One day at a time. It can’t be lived in the clouded haze of love, thinking everything’s going to be picture perfect and hunky dory. Life will hurl problems. There are going to be downs, and ups too. Sometimes more, sometimes less. And that daily activity of living a respectful, adjusting, trusting life with your partner is the bigger part of love. One, that is discounted by most dove-eyed individuals.

While we are all busy searching for love outside of ourselves and eternally trying to to self-satiate with the feeling of headiness that love brings, we are unaware of how to love our own selves – an act that would be a life saver when partners move on to new shores or hook up with new people.

And this strange quest perhaps, is for the “feeling” of love, and not love itself, for what is the depth of love, that only a still-in-love 60 year old couple walking hand-in-hand by the sea would know.

As you negotiate through the twisted paths of love, you realize that there is no gratification. All that remains is just gratitude. Plain gratitude.

Where once you would have felt heady, if today, you just feel gratitude and a small prayer slips your lips into the Universe, you know you have come really far.

Where once you were “dependent” on someone, if today, you trust no one but yourself and still have the grace to accept love, you know you have come really far.

Where once you feared losing someone, if today, you are prepared to understand that everything in life is transient and you can only hold as many grains as the sand in your palm, you know you are wiser. And calmer.

So, celebrating love in its own way is love itself, Valentines’ or not, and love aches for the gratification of love. Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever personified love?

Try it. You will understand Love more than you could ever do.

Much love,
A Walk into the Woods

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Strangers in the Night

He approached her with confidence.
She looked so shy. Vulnerable.
There was something about her that pulled him towards her. She refused to open up. They had been friends for so long. Easy going. Sharing so much, yet practically nothing.
The more she hid, the greater he felt that pull.
As he inched forward, she wished he’d stop.
She’d lost her heart to him.
Their lips were sealed, but the air around them wasn’t.
She couldn’t let him know. He would go away if he knew.
Suddenly, untold unexpressed love had turned them both into strangers in the night.

…. to be continued

Introduced in February 2013 on Everyday Gyaan – an invitation, a prompt, a linky. Write exactly a 100 words on the prompt and publish it on your blog – a story, a poem, a mini-essay. The linky will be open right up to next Friday.
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This week’s prompt: Strangers in the Night courtesy Suzy Que.