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Movie review (sort of): PINK #IAMPINK


Well, yes it is but obvious that I would go gaga over PINK. Amitabh Bachchan’s movie had me in tears and no, they definitely weren’t tears of joy.

How a woman is treated in our society is brought out beautifully in the movie PINK. We speak of being modern and yet, we are as backward as the monkey era where in, a woman can not even drink out with friends without being labeled with expletives such as ‘fast’, ‘promiscuous’, and ‘prostitute’.

Times may have changed for some, but for many, times remain in a limbo. Women for them are to cook ‘great’ food for the husband at home, stay confined to the kitchen and rear children. Any other role and she is labelled. Forever.

The best thing about the movie was that a point was made, without really making a point. Amitabh Bachchan’s acting prowess was perfect to the role, no one else could have done justice to the eccentric retired lawyer’s character. I have been in close proximity to friends who have dealt with lawyers and trust me, it is HELL capitalized, italicized and spelled out. Good lawyers close a case in 6 months. Those with motives will ensure that they are doing a huge favour to you by fighting your case, in spite of you paying them.

The movie brought out a lot of emotions in me. I have seen women who have risen from ashes as Phoenix, women who chose simply because it was their choice, women who wanted to be different and decided to be, women who carved new paths for themselves against all the barricades of the patriarchal society around them.

I have seen women who have taken a 180 degree turn, and lost everyone in the process because “they have changed”. I have seen women whose independence got rejected because the pitiful needy girl was better to handle. I have seen women who chose to remain single and go abroad for studies because the Indian society does not accept a single woman as a woman of good character. Women who travel are “fast”. Women who have “boy” friends have ill characters. Women who stand up for themselves against the atrocities of in-laws have loose character.

Women, Women, Women – the reason of all destruction, the reason of all fights in the house, the reason why friends got separated, and so on and so forth.  These women have just done one thing. They said NO. They said NO to submission. They said NO to oppression. They said NO because they wanted to say NO. 

Just like any man, who says NO to a BMW because he wants a Mercedes. As SIMPLE as that.

That was the crux of the movie, that a NO, even by a prostitute whom one has paid already, is a NO and that her modesty can not be compromised. That a woman has a right to say no, even if she is the wife, and that women have to be treated equally.

This is going to be the ONLY movie that I will remember in life. The only movie that made sense, makes sense and will always make sense.

Because I am a Woman. A proud one at that.

And I hope all women come out and speak in favour of this movie. This movie is going to be the revolution of the India era, one that will uplift the Indian woman to new heights.


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Who am I?

“You may know me, but you have no idea who I am.” Neither do I. Tsk tsk.

I know naiveness is not exactly a word and my English teacher would cringe in pain if she sees me writing naiveness.

That said, many many people have called me naive. I just don’t get it. I trust and I get cheated. I believe everyone to be like me – as within so without. My face is like a mirror, reflecting my worst fears and my best thoughts. Try as I might, I fail to put a veil across my face. For example, I went to the dentist recently. She was the sweeeeeeeeeeeeetest dentist I ever met (not that I have met too many of them). Awwww she had hand written testimonials all over her clinic’s walls. She was so careful and so worried for me. She cajoled me, cooed with me and cured me in a jiffy. Well, me being me, I was bowled over by her compassion. Trust me, the gaaliyan I got – 😛 Baby this is called PR. Baby not as in Babe Baby, but little baby, not grown up baby… Eeeee!! I. Believe. Everyone. Period. I deserve to be spanked.

Contrary to this, people also tell me that they don’t understand me. I am a puzzle to them. They are not able to gauge me. Do I bask in this anonymity? Absolutely I do. I have no idea why people can not gauge me, but I love the idea itself. 🙂

Being a mystery is a mystery in itself, for I don’t really try – it usually happens naturally. And so very naturally that I wouldn’t even know how I come across to others.

I am a snob. I am too high headed. I am headstrong. I am like a man!! He he he… so much for feminity and liberation. Trust me, it’s a blast. Contrary to this, I love pinks and mauves and whites. Oooh I am soooo girlie that even pink feels less girlish in my presence.  Another paradox. Don’t blame me. I have no idea.

If one were to ask me, that you are so transparent about your feelings, how is it that people are not able to understand you? Well, I may reply with a poker face, I don’t know.

I absolutely don’t know.

Self introspection leads to nothing. Questioning leads to more questions.

Who am I?

I am just myself.

As within, so without.


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When rains spelt love

Here is one of my favourite songs on rain:


Once upon a time, rains spelt love.

Teenagers to adults loved rains because they signified the onset of tea and snacks evenings.

Poetry was written on rains.

I wrote poetry on the rains.

Today, however, I hate rains. I shouldn’t be making such a hard hitting statement. But rains today mean danger. Floods. Destruction. Losses.

Everywhere, rains leave a trail of havoc in their wake.

Nature is not to blame though.

The governments, the administration, the state politicians – who all to name?

The Bird of Paradise – India, where there should never have been a water problem, neither should there have been a drought, we see both the problems happening simultaneously. While regions are being flooded, some states still face water problems and drought.

So today, come rainy season, and my heart flutters, not in love, but in fear that the news may bring another disaster every day.

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In a world of machines

In a world of machines

In a world of machines,
We strive to emote
We emote through smileys
And forget to be whole.

In a world of machines,
We try to be fair,
We judge via Internet
And mistake it a great flair

In a world of machines,
We share our blues
Thinking all those other hues
Will bring home joys true.

In a world of machines,
We shake a leg to YouTube
While we enjoy a stationary dance
We put on weight huge

In a world of machines,
We buy stuff online
While we love those discounts
The quality is a crime!!

In a world of machines,
We connect our smart phones too.
While I-pads and mac books
Play a coochie coo

In a world of machines,
We want artificial intelligence too
We wish a robot in the kitchen
To cook our tasty food

In a world of machines,
We wish a reality on unreal ‘things’
When virtual projects a scene
We introject its emotions and feelings.

What’s real, what’s not?
When smart homes become true
Will we ever be ‘unslaved’
From this world untrue?

Pic Credits

  1. By HumanroboOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
  2. By AlejandroLinaresGarciaOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
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The good you do…

This is very strange – an incident that restored my faith in the goodness of people.

I was working really late and was on my way back home in an #Uber cab. My office phone was right about to conk off, and I requested the cabbie to hand me the charger. I fixed my phone on the back seat pocket, and relaxed while I reached.

Well, very typical of me, I forgot about it. Guess what? My sister calls me half an hour later, and tells me that I have forgotten my phone in the cab and that she received a call from someone who has found the phone and had left his number. So, I noted down the number and called it immediately. Although I am tuning out my state of mind from the descriptive blog, one may imagine how worried I’d have been, considering that this was the second time I was losing my office phone… there’s something that’s not quite right between me and my office phones.

Coming back to my story, I spoke to this guy – call him D.V., and he turns out to be another IT chap who works close by where I got dropped. He was the next passenger in the same cab, and had found my phone. He called up my office and informed them of finding the phone., left his contact numbers there too, and then called my Home.

When I spoke to him, he told me the same facts. I took his home address and was on my way to take the phone back. During the ride, I was filled with so many mixed emotions – he could be anyone, he could do anything, is it a risk? Should I be going? What if he doesn’t have my phone? What if he asks me something in return? What if…. what if…. what if….

And when I reached the apartment and called him, he came out – with my phone. That’s it. It was unbelievable. Too good to be true. Just. too. good. to. be. true. I just asked him one question. Why? And he said, well, I just thought what I’d think if I lost my phone and someone found it – what would I want that someone to do? That’s exactly what I did.

All I know, is that the good you do, comes back to you.

Thank you, D.V. Thank you. And we pass it on. I will. Just like D.V. did. 

This video is dedicated to you:

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What’s with the Airlines?

I think everyone who has booked an air ticket online would resonate with me when I say this is what happens:

  1. You log in to your account.
  2. You input the To and From fields, dates and check the fares. Wowww… you spot a good deal!! The lowest fare!! Great!!
  3. You decide to check on that other website as well.
  4. By the time you get back to the first one, the ticket you shortlisted gets a makeover – price hike!!

Does this happen to you??

Tell me this happens to you and I am not the only one??

What is it? Do they use cookies and save our details so that they can raise the prices within 5 minutes of showing us the lowest fares?

Techies… you would know, wouldn’t you??

I can’t resist sharing this image – that’s what I guess Calvin’s expressions would range between, if he tried booking online air tickets today:

Calvin Facial Expressions