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I sense her…

Korean Drama – The Guardian (Image Credit:

As the rain drops trickle down the old glass window,

I stare into what I call ‘that world’, What an epiphany!

To see another world inside a tiny shiny dew drop

I see the petals of the cherry blossom tear away

And fall ever so gently on the snow white ground

The soft and gentle touch – reminds me, so clearly,

Of an emotion – evoked by her hand on my cheek.

A maple leaf just flew past me – I tried to hold it quickly.

They say, if one catches a maple leaf in mid-air,

All wishes shall be granted. So I let my eyelids drop,

Whispering, “God, help me remember her. Who is she?”

Only the tiniest of memories, her scent, scintillating, yet elusive.

The fragrance she wore, the way she smiled, intensely.

Only the tiniest of memories are tormenting me – I need more!

Oh, I need to know, who was she that had encaptured me in her love?

The Oracle lady had but hinted – was it a past life? Or a dream?

Why do I see her hazy silhouette, and skin radiantly glowing?

How can I not have memories, yet have emotions so precise,

How can I hurt so deeply, yet not remember what had pierced?

I sense her…

Fresh as the morning glow,

Deep as the cherry red,

Mystical as the ocean’s depths,

Dark as the empty night.

I sense her…

She holds deep pain inside

She wields soulful eyes

Her voice tries to sing a story

Her hand, outstretched in longing…

I sense her…

Yes, I sense her… she is real.

I don’t know yet – who she is,

or why she visits my dreams

I don’t know yet – why emotions overflow

upon her thoughts – each time.

Yet, I sense her in me.

Deeply in me… unwaveringly real.

She is a mystery, a mystery full of intrigue

She has trapped me in an embrace of eternity.

I sense her.. eternally.


I just almost finished watching the Korean drama ‘The Guardian’ (AKA The Lonely Shining God – Goblin AKA The Goblin) and this verse was inspired by the events in the drama.

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Don’t cause butterflies in my tummy

Butterflies in my tummy
From a far far away land of fantasy
For so very long, I truly believed
I had dead butterflies in my tummy

It’s taken too long for me to accept
That there’s no one but me
You know you are taken, taken, taken
So don’t cause butterflies in my tummy

Do you know how it feels
When so many I see in twos
A void begins to fill me up
In every cell through and through

Your intentions may be clear
I know we are friends dear
But the desert but has just one oasis to be
So don’t cause butterflies in my tummy

Oh it’s a great thing to hear
All will be okay when you love yourself dear
But nothing seems okay to me as I think why
Even the moon has the eternal company of the dark sky

Some in twos are craving to be one
Some all alone are wanting to find the one
If perfection were to be a tree
It would be like a cactus thorny

If perfection were to be a movie
It would but be just a tragedy
For the heers and the ranjhaas and the heeras and the pannas
Haven’t they all met with the same destiny

How would I then, be different?

Scarred for life by a narcissist with torment
Lost all my confidence, trust in self and worth
To be rebuilt all over from square one

So your request for a dance momentarily
Caused fluttering butterflies in my tummy

Yes yes I know I deflected it promptly
With words about pen, paper and a story
But hey, then this poem came through eventually
So don’t you cause butterflies in my tummy

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Most valuable gem

I bought some gem stones today.

Also a bracelet made with all the stones. But then, I was debating how much more to spend, for it’s an endless street. You go in, and unless your brain pulls you out, you just don’t stop. I got so attracted to Malachite that I just couldn’t express. I went wayyyy beyond my budget to indulge in … yes, gem stones.

The beautiful Malachite

But then that’s not what I want to tell you about.

This very benign gentleman, humble as ever, recognized me as soon as I entered Lucky Gems. He was very happy to see me. We got talking and he said he had just returned from Kashmir, having spent 20 days with his Sufi guru.

And I was really amazed. He was so humble. He said something that really struck me.

In his words,”My Guru says that we plan such huge things, big dreams, bigger houses, long cars, huge bungalows, loads of money, but we don’t realize that the ENTIRE life is inside just that O.N.E. L.I.T.T.L.E. H.E.A.R.T.B.E.A.T. That’s all. Jab tak woh dhadkan hai, tab tak zindagi hai.”

Now, can I say without a doubt that this bit of knowledge has made me millions more richer than any money would.

I told him, “Uncle, you know, what I just bought from you might be precious gem stones, but they are not the most valuable thing that I am taking away with me from you – it’s these words that you just said, that are precious.”

And I just came back home, ONLY to blog about this, and share my ecstasy with the world.

I will add pictures of my coveted bracelets and stones in my subsequent blog posts.

For now, I am mighty enchanted. Mmmm…

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Diaries of a Hechicera: Meet me ;-)

Hechicera means Enchantress – one who can put a spell on you with her qualities.

Today, Hechicera reveals herself.
She is the girl next door , the girl of your dreams, the lady in your fantasies.

She is a dreamer, a compulsive dreamer. She is inside you – the person who has always wished for the moon and the stars. She lives in her own world, she has her own language, she sings her own songs…

She has nothing to do with the big bad world. In her little world, there is only love, affection, kindness and gentleness. She does not want to leave her world. She wants to stay there forever. She wants her friends and her love to join her in her world. She wants to keep them away from the big bad world.

Call her Maya. She is Maya – the lady who danced in green fields in the white dress.. her dupatta flowing with the winds… her arms dancing to the enchanting tune… she is your imagination.

She is on a journey towards the Unknown. But she has faith that the Unknown will be where her heart is. She is constantly searching for the elusive someone. She is searching for her heart. She thinks the destination will be the start of another journey. If you follow her, she will crumble away into nothingness. If you try to touch her,she will melt away. If you want her, you can never have her. If you already have her, you can never lose her. She – is Hechicera.

Here’s my question to you, my lovely readers.

Who is YOUR Hechicera? Why is she your Hechicera?

Let us see you answer this one. I would like to know who Maya is for all of you out there reading this fantasy story.

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A Walk into the Woods

How it started…

In 2007, when I was still building up my dreams, I wrote this little poem. It speaks of the togetherness that I craved for. Anyone.. I believe every girl has this dream. Some get it, some keep waiting forever. 

My dream came true. In 2014. Literally, I actually got to walk into the woods. And on the beach. And climb a hill. And.. then it faded away. 🙂

A walk into the woods

There was hardly any meaning
Once you came, you were the beginning.
What is life without you?
A walk into the woods is all I ask of you.

See that vista? It is too long.
Stand by me, make it go by soon.
What is life without you?
A walk into the woods is all I ask of you.

They were always there, the beasts.
Did you just drive them away?
What is life without you?
A walk into the woods is all I ask of you.

Those dreams, those nightmares
And the ferocity of the violent waves
Have you captured them too?
They badger me no more
What is life without you?
A walk into the woods is all I ask of you.

The gifts of life would entice me
Did you just redefine them?
Do they seem more beautiful?
Just what did you do?
What is life without you?
A walk into the woods is all I ask of you.

The trees seem greener, the skies bluer,
Did you paint them too?
Come with me, stay by my side
Please say you’d like to.

What is life without you?
A walk into the woods is all I ask of you.
What is life without you?
A walk into the woods is all I ask of you.


But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
~ Gibran


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Sapne… pagle sapne

लाखों  बार  समझाया ,  फिर  भी  ये सपने  पगले  सपने

हर  रात  आकर  जगा  जाते  हैं  अरमानों  की   लहरें

क्यूँ  होता  है  ऐसा , की  हमको  वो  नहीं  मिलता

जिसे  हम  तहे  दिल  से  चाह  कर  पाने  की  रखते  हैं  तमन्ना

जले  हैं  हाथ  फिर  भी  दिल  को  फिर  से  जलने  दिया

लाख  समझाया , फिर  भी  सपनों  को  दुबारा  पलने  दिया

हर  दिन  हर  रात  टूटके  बिखरते  हैं  ये  सपने

फिर  सुबह  सवेरे  नयी  डोर  से  लिपट  जाते  हैं  पगले  सपने

कौन  समझाए   इनको , की  न  हो  इतने  बेचैन

जब  टूटना  ही  है  हर  रोज़ , तोह  क्यूँ   जुड़ते  हैं  सपने

जब  टूटना   ही  है  हर  रोज़  तोह  क्यूँ  जुड़ते  हैं  हम ?

पगले  कहती  हो  पूनम  हमको , तुम  हो  सबसे  बड़ी  बावरी

जीना  यही  है  जीना   सीखो , हर  पल  में  दुनिया  भर  लो

कल  को  ये  तो  नहीं  ग़म  होगा  कि  जिया  ही  नहीं , यह  क्या  किया

कल  को  मुड  कर  पीछे   देखा , तो  ज़िन्दगी  रेत   के  कण  की  तरह

हाथों  से  फिसलती  दिखेगी  जब  पूनम  तुमको ,

तो  क्या  हुआ  अगर  ज़िन्दगी  ने  तुमको  धोखा  दे  दिया ,

तब  तुम  यही  सोचोगी , की  सपने  तो   देखे , सपनो  में तो  जिया


Dreams.. Crazy dreams..

I’ve told myself a million times, but crazy dreams just don’t listen to me.

Bringing waves of desires, every night, they overwhelm me.

Why don’t we ever receive that, which we desire

from the deepest depths of the heart?

Once bitten, yet I let my heart burn yet again,

Tried to stop a million times, yet let those dreams simmer again

Every night and every day, these dreams shatter

like shards of broken glass,

Yet the next dawn sees crazy dreams arising into a new beginning again

Someone implore them to exercise restraint,

Why arise and shine when they have to disintegrate every day?

Why we arise and shine when we have to disintegrate every day?

You call us crazy, but you are the biggest fool.

Know that this is life, your world in each of its moments,

At least you’d have no regrets tomorrow, on how you lived your life

Looking back at today, Punam, when you see your life

Escaping through your fingers like slippery grains of sand

To hell with life and its grand betrayals,

At least, you dreamt!!

At least, your dreams were alive!!

Laakhon baar samjhaya, phir bhi yeh sapne pagle sapne

Har raat aakar jaga jaate hain armaanon ki lehrein

Kyun hota hai aisa, ki humko woh nahin milta

Jise hum tahe dil se chah kar paane ki rakhte hain tamanna

Jale hain haath phir bhi dil ko phir se jalne diya

Laakh samjhaya, phir bhi sapnon ko dobara palne diya

Har din har raat tootke bikhar te hain yeh sapne

Phir subah savere nayi dor se lipat jaate hain pagle sapne

Kaun samjhaye inko, ki na ho itne bechaen

Jab toot na hi hai har roz, toh kyun judte hain sapne

Jab tootna hi hai har roz toh kyun judte hain hum?

Pagle kehti ho punam humko, tum ho sabse badi baawri

Jeena yahi hai jeena seekho, har pal mein duniya bhar lo

Kal ko yeh toh nahin gham hoga ki jiya hi nahin, yeh kya kiya

Kal ko mud kar peeche dekha, toh zindagi ret ke kan ki tarah

Haathon se phisalti dikhegi jab punam tumko,

To kya hua agar zindagi ne tumko dhokha de diya,

Tab tum yahi sochogi, ki sapne toh dekhe, sapno mein to jiya

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Book Review: I will love once again by Krishna Verma

Book Title: I will love once again
Author: Krishna Verma
Publisher: Srishti Publishers

(Click on the image to view the author’s website)

Pic Source:

I bought this book with great prejudice (Of course, against the book.)

While I was browsing through Landmark and wondering whether to fall for love stories, fantasy fiction or inspiration, I convinced myself to check out Flipkart rates first, and picked up just this one love story.

It was a feeling that translated into giving young Indian readers a second chance.

With the assassination of my respect for the young Indian writer, which was carried out systematically by the language used in Five Point Someone, and the whole pointless draggggeeee (deliberate emphasis) story of ‘I too had a love story’, (I mean with due respect to the author who claims that it is based on a true story, with no intentions of malice, for if it was a true story, it could have been dealt with in another way, perhaps that did not run on the lines of Erich Segal’s “Love Story” or a Hindi movie with an obvious climax), I still did not lose hope.

Krishna Verma has done a great job with the story.

He narrates the entire story in first person, the way someone would share snippets of his life with a close friend. That’s the kind of feeling you get while reading through the book. Like you are a really close friend. And that is perhaps the USP of the book.

The book takes you through the struggle of the protagonist, Krishna, who faces heart break, as his lady love gives in to the wishes of her parents and decides to marry the man they have chosen for her. One fine day, she just backs off from the relationship. Where this takes Krishna is what the story is about. His mental turmoil, his struggle to find a job in the Corporate, his new friends, and a glimpse into the young culture, this book presents a host of different insights into a man’s mind. The story moves back and forth, from the present to the past, as Krishna’s mind connects every incident he is facing in his “Now” with incidents he had faced in his “Then”. He in fact, cannot get over his previous love, and tries forcefully, to see her in every new girl. At a point of time, you feel like he has fixed the mould of Preity (his previous girl) in his mind, and every girl just had to fit into it perfectly. Every new girl he met had to laugh like her, react like her, get angry like her, get angry at the same things as she did, and chide him for the things he did in the same way that she did.

There was one interesting sketch of the character of Preity that I would like to highlight. Preity was not really the ideal. Krishna loved her and loved to the extent of sacrificing his own joys for her joys. The relationship that he describes with Preity is highly imbalanced, with him giving and giving endlessly for her happiness. He sought his joys in her smiles. But Preity’s character comes out to be bossy, dominating, largely self-centered and selfish, oblivious to the joys of the man in her life.

How Krishna fails to see the gaping differences between a very sweet girl he later meets, and how her kind nature and disposition stand in stark contrast to the ever hyper, ever self-centred Preity, makes up a big chunk of the book. The best character in the book, according to me, was that of Simer, and I simply fell for the cute English Punjabi phrases that the boys learnt and used, through ‘English flicks dubbed in Punjabi’. One such word was ‘feautibul’ in place of ‘beautiful’ and I believe Krishna can in fact explore this genre of humour further. Nothing pleases a reader more than hearty laughs in his journey through the pages of a book. And this book made me smile everyday while on my way to work – What a pleasant way to start a day!

All in all, a fantabulous book.

PS: The book reminds me of one of those songs in Munnabhai MBBS. 🙂 Which one, I shall not reveal as that would turn out to be a spoiler. Read the book and figure it out, please. 🙂 Or email me.

PPS: Simer (one of the characters from the book) has commented below. 🙂 🙂 I am honored and way toooo happyyyyy!!

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It was a hot summer noon
As I approached the city
Horses greet me on the way,
Pulling a royal chariot away..

A mission to seek
An abode meek
Nothing great,
Just a humble piece.

Wandered, hour after hour
Long days turned into longer nights
I would see myself staring into space
Wondering when life would take pace

I miss those days, when we were two
Hand in hand, our dreams we drew
Sapne dekhogi nahin toh poore kaise honge
(If you don’t have dreams in the first place,
How will you fulfill them?)
Was all you said, and I KNEW… Yet,

I have to stay calm, the test of time
Time is for sure, the best healer
As I live my life in bits n pieces,
I dream away…

I live a life of fragments
Each fragment an eternity
So u see, kind sire, thou art eternities away from me
WHEN oh when do you plan to appear…

Stars twinkling in my eyes,
I gaze at the moon-less sky
I see your perfect features
And wonder we are so far, why

Rain drops falling on my face
I used to love them so
Will we see them together
While the soft breeze flows

As I build an empty home
With trinkets and junkets of stuff
I see myself wandering through
A life of no consequence…

I feel overtly unsettled
With tensions unbridled
Like a note in a bottle at sea
tossing and turning with waves,

Not knowing who will read the note,
Pray, will a prince appear?
Out of nowhere to read me and my heart,
And take me to the shores, in arms cosseted..
Until then,
Unsettled. Period.

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Diaries of the Hechicera: The love she knew and the love that grew

His face was not very clear

There was dream upon dream

She waited eternally for him to appear

But her dream was still a dream

“O! Please please come soon, dear

Come and take over my life

I want to see you, touch and hear!

The stories of your life and strife.”

She would beckon in her dream

To that hazy not-so-clear face

And imagine him standing close to her

Real close, like a miracle on a good day.

The love she finally knew

Was ugly and wild, for all that she grew

Her hopes, aspirations, all the anticipation,

Everything lost, evaporated like summer dew.

Little did she know that this was not to be

For there in time, waiting, was someone worthy

She knew not, the test of her lord,

She was being groomed to become adored

She imagined her life, disintegrating, bit by bit

Her fate was, in truth, being sealed in the right orbit.

As she moved and stumbled and cried,

She wondered where her inner peace lied

She kept wandering, her senses, askew

When she finally found her Guru.

Once that happened, the miracles showed

She realized, they were always there

She could not see them in tears of strife

But her life was being set so so right.

Her path her destiny took her to the love

The love she knew then, was a hallucination cove.

She thought she had seen it all

But the truth struck her with his arrival.

There he came, her Knight in shining armour

His arrival was so calm, absolutely a wonder

A messenger brought him to her, a sweet messenger

But once he was there, there was to be no other.

He came, bruised and battered, soul searching

Found solace in her suffering and healing.

She gave him what he missed, he gave her love

He gave her what she missed, she gave him trust.

Had their fates been sealed earlier? One does wonder.

But destinies can not be rewritten. Truth is stronger.

When the universe decides to give the love u knew

Is there anything else that you wish to do?

You start believing that it is a circle

Life falls into its destined oracle

Why do you think it was over then?

Because, it’s not over yet.

There was another story in the offing

And you had to free your self soon

The story had someone and you starring

So there had to be a big change

How would you welcome the Knight in your life

If the ugly part did not come to an end?

And so.. the story went

The Love she knew, was the love that grew

The love he wanted was the love she gave

And they lived, happily ever after.

And they lived, happily ever after.

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And someone stole a heart

Was I offered a million hearts
I would have heard him sing for them
I had to hear them beat a rhythm, but
Someone stole a heart.. again.

When I looked into the lake
A reflection I saw, curiously awake
Questions galore, what could I say?
And someone stole a heart again.

Far far away, thousands of miles in space
I see the magic faraway tree – and an enchanting place
I try to hear those million hearts sing
But someone stole a heart.. again.

As the winds rose towards the skies
I yearn to see that face arise
A robber I wished to catch ‘red-handed’
Someone stole a heart.. again

I expect to see bundles of hearts
At the end of the earth where the horizon gleams
But I want more to see the face that steals
That Someone who steals hearts time and again..

How many hearts, how many beats
How many more moments in peace?
Each frozen in time and space,
Touching the heart and stealing it away.

I have not a million hearts with me,
But each time you try and look at me,
Every single word that strikes home,
Is how you steal a heart again..

Again and yet again, you do it too
How may I ask you to stop it now?
Do I though want you to stop it too?
Or may I learn it from you to do?

May I steal a heart again,
May I freeze moments in time?
May I grab that tiny space,
And may I steal your heart again?