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Random Pic Random Post: Rumi’s Musings

Ever realise the kind of illusions we build in our relationships? The walls of ego, pride, shame, jealousy, and what not? Event after little event – contributes to the vanity of mind’s temperamental moods, putting in place, wall after wall, thicker than before, stronger than before, only to crumble whatever little is left in the relationship?

For humans to step into their true power, and true self, they need to let go of the vices that build these walls, and see the world from the vantage point of unconditional love. What does that love signify?

One Source.

That there is just One Source. And so, the walls that we see aren’t there at all. The doors we are trying to open do not even exist – let alone, everything else. What is, and what exists, is inside us. It sometimes turns into a wall, sometimes, into the breeze that caresses your cheek. It’s the same thing that is underneath your feet and holds grandfather oaks in its bosom so elegantly.

One Source. There is no wall. There never was. There never will be.