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Don’t cause butterflies in my tummy

Butterflies in my tummy
From a far far away land of fantasy
For so very long, I truly believed
I had dead butterflies in my tummy

It’s taken too long for me to accept
That there’s no one but me
You know you are taken, taken, taken
So don’t cause butterflies in my tummy

Do you know how it feels
When so many I see in twos
A void begins to fill me up
In every cell through and through

Your intentions may be clear
I know we are friends dear
But the desert but has just one oasis to be
So don’t cause butterflies in my tummy

Oh it’s a great thing to hear
All will be okay when you love yourself dear
But nothing seems okay to me as I think why
Even the moon has the eternal company of the dark sky

Some in twos are craving to be one
Some all alone are wanting to find the one
If perfection were to be a tree
It would be like a cactus thorny

If perfection were to be a movie
It would but be just a tragedy
For the heers and the ranjhaas and the heeras and the pannas
Haven’t they all met with the same destiny

How would I then, be different?

Scarred for life by a narcissist with torment
Lost all my confidence, trust in self and worth
To be rebuilt all over from square one

So your request for a dance momentarily
Caused fluttering butterflies in my tummy

Yes yes I know I deflected it promptly
With words about pen, paper and a story
But hey, then this poem came through eventually
So don’t you cause butterflies in my tummy

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Our dreams have not aged, dear.

Express Yourself Contest 37 – Conducted by Promilla
(This poem was declared runnerup in the contest)

Remember when we were young
Was it the same place here?
I proposed to you,
And you said yes dear.

This bay side, it’s our memory divine
The place where our joys and sorrows met.
The sound of waves, would always calm us
And prompt us in decisions many.

Remember, when we returned here,
The day after our marriage?
How happy we were, the memories?
Do you feel the same joy too?

Our dreams have not changed, dear.
They are still the same.
As calm and serene as the waves behind you,
As definite as the moon that you view.

We are in the third leg of our life’s journey,
Left alone again, by the empty birdnest.
They fly away, they have their own lives.
Bitter but true, we must be proud of them.

Our dreams were the same, dear.
We vouched for togetherness.
For joys doubled and frowns shared,
We dreamt of together forever.

Are we not together, dear?
Is that not what we always wanted?
In the twilight of our lives,
Let us by our dreams, abide.

© Punam J R., all rights reserved.