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The sky as it is in a fantasy – but this is reality

* Repost for my all-new audience, do check out the comments before each picture. 🙂

In one of my recent trips, I took these pictures again.. yes sky pictures.. somehow, these can never cease to bore me. I am so so sooo fascinated by the sky, especially when I am travelling.

These pictures have come out exceptional, especially the one which has the sun’s rays .. looks divine.

Do let me know if you all think so too. 🙂

Wanna play stepping stones? Notice the rays of the sun on the top left corner?

Emotion: Calm

Annndd.. the plane tilted. 🙂

Emotion: Amusing

Doesn’t this look divine? Like the sun has just opened its armssss wideee.. !!

Emotion: Conflict

A Secret Kingdom lies beyond …

Emotion: Peace

Sky or Ocean Waves??? SKYY definitely!!! Yes, really!!

Emotion: Torment, kashmakash

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Cute Owl – Water color Painting


After this painting, I have fallen in love with baby owls and have been craving to have one since then.

I am crazy.. sometimes I want an owl, sometimes a parrot. Sometimes a dog, sometimes a cat. I mean, I know I can’t really take care of them with crazy timings of office, and yet, when I see cute animals, I want to cuddle them and just feel their unconditional love.

Well, my sister calls me an owl. I sleep very late and remember troubling her for years in childhood when I would trick her so that I could read books all night with the lights on. Just 5 more minutes used to be my trick. 😛