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Cute Owl – Water color Painting


After this painting, I have fallen in love with baby owls and have been craving to have one since then.

I am crazy.. sometimes I want an owl, sometimes a parrot. Sometimes a dog, sometimes a cat. I mean, I know I can’t really take care of them with crazy timings of office, and yet, when I see cute animals, I want to cuddle them and just feel their unconditional love.

Well, my sister calls me an owl. I sleep very late and remember troubling her for years in childhood when I would trick her so that I could read books all night with the lights on. Just 5 more minutes used to be my trick. 😛



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My new babies

Now now.. don’t let the horses of your minds run astray!!

Of course not!


So, my new babies are 5 rottweilers, a German Shepherd and a Butiya.

Well, I can’t really call them babies, since they are grown up dogs, but I like to think of them as so.

And each one of them has a distinct character. Now this is something that any dog lover (Abhishek, Shail, Dr. Roshan… are you listening??) would agree to and understand. That just like humans, dogs have characteristics and different types of natures and personalities. Also, the kind of atmosphere that they grow in as puppies has a very deep effect on their personalities.

Let me go with Ladies First.

German Shepherd
German Shepherd, Mishka

The German Shepherd is a beautiful lady called Mishka, the mother of the 5 rotties. 🙂 Yep, they are a mix and a strange mix. Mishka is always panting, huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh she keeps going on and on as if she is some asthma patient!! She is the warmest of all – and would even welcome a burglar with big large excited eyes, “Come, come, I will show you around the house!!!” She loves to catch flies, pretend to catch flies all the while, but in all her lifetime, she has NEVER ever caught one!!! Nope, not even one! It’s funny though, to watch her slip on all her fours, trying to nab a fly, and one would burst out in peals of laughter at her smart ‘dumbness’. She loves tantrums, and these days, wants to be pampered and formally invited to eat her food. Yes. Absolutely.

Chhutki - Butiya Dog
Chhutki – Butiya Dog

Let me now proceed to the newest and the littlest in the family – Chhutki the Butiya Girl. Chhutki is the most agile of all the li’l ones, and loves to do the ‘disappearing act’ every few days. She can jump off the boundary wall and go away on her own little adventures across the fields and the river. She needs to be watched upon, and has to be taught not to run away. Chhutki had a deprived childpuppyhood. She was rescued just a couple of months ago, and joined the Rottie family as a new entrant. She NEEEEDS touch. Absolutely. She loves to snuggle her nose into your blanket and settle herself across the length of your body, happy to just be beside you. Even when you are seated anywhere, you will find her choose a spot next to your legs, just so that either one paw or her tail or her nose is rested comfortably on your foot. That’s Chhutki. She loves to steal food. (Shades of me here 🙂 … yep, I am like that.)


Rottie Shona loves her mum Mishka and they are always in PDA mode. She is the laziest of the lot, hasn’t grown much and looks like a stretched daschund. Ask her to move her butt and she will throw the biggest tantrums to move JUST an inch!! An inch!!! What more do you want, human????!!! There are better things to do in life – like sleep, or doze off, or snore, or nap. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz How will you understand???? Do I smell food? Food? Foooood?? OK, I will move. Gimme fooood.

Now, comes Sheru – he was once the Alpha, looks ferocious, has a beard and loves to grrrrrrrowwwwlllll.

Sheru - Rottie Mix
Sheru – Rottie Mix

Goofy was the pack leader for some time, before he decided to turn into an always-confused and always-insecure Rottie, looking for his master and seeking shelter somewhere close by. Gets scared by anything.

Dil – with tongue out, at his naughtiest best

Dil lovvvessss his Master and is the closest to a rottie. He can tear apart a cat or a bird in a jiffy, and is very moody. He will follow your command, even if he doesn’t want to. Reluctantly. But he will do what you ask him to. Ofcourse I will show my displeasure. I don’t like to leave my master’s side. That’s my life and don’t try to move me away from that spot. Pleeeeeaaaase!!

Chimpu – Check out his split ear – Look carefully and you will see!! 😉

Chimpu is an awesome character. He like to establish himself as the Alpha, succeeds for about a month in his dadagiri and gundagardi, and then, when all the kids have had enough, they launch a counter attack together, leaving Chimpu whimpering at his Master, “bachao, bachao, mujhe inse bachao”. Best thing is, one of such fights resulted in his ear splitting into two. So, now, one of his ears is a M instead of a N if you know what I mean.