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Painting in watercolour

This is probably the most unfriendly painting I’ve ever made.
The blotches are deliberate, because I was in that state of mind,
confused and bewildered and this is how it came out.

This one was meant to reflect a state of mind.
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Written for Jingle’s Poetry Pot Luck themed ‘Seven Sins

Painting in watercolour
Painting in watercolour

No, don’t want so much. You’ll never get.
Don’t get angry. You will destroy everyone else.
Get up! Get going. You’ll never catch up with time.
Humility is tough? It’ll bring down the heavens.
Bring reverence in your gaze, not lust.
You have earned the place you are in. Everybody else did too.
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Flame of Peace

Be the candle at the doorstep of your home, that spreads light inside your home and into the world outside.
ऐसा दिया बनिएगा जो घर की देहलीज़ पर रखा जाता है. इससे घर के अन्दर भी और घर के बहार की दुनिया में भी आपकी रौशनी फैलेगी

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Castle at Twilight

In my little castle of dreams,
I see a small bud.
It’s still a little bud.
But it’ll bloom one day.
It takes its own time,
Because it’s very shy.
But yes, I am so sure
That it’ll bloom one day.
Now the castle is dark,
Because it’s twilight.
Then there’ll be the night.
Then there’ll be sunrise.
And when the sun will rise,
My little castle of dreams will appear.
But that will have to wait.
Because the end is not yet there.
Once the end is there,
I will be set free.
Free free free from all bondage and decree.
Then I’ll paint you nice
The castle in my eyes.