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Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it. ~ Mark Twain


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4 thoughts on “I support…

    1. “Personally I do not really subscribe to what these poachers are doing but in a country where there is no value for life – be it human, animal or any thing, then what can we expect?
      I mean, people still torture their daughters in law here… infant rapes happen and criminals still do go scot free… millions will be spent to encourage the IT giants but none on our farmers. what can we expect in such a case – how will a tiger’s life be of any inkling of importance to the poacher whose hungry stomach is not being taken care of by the government????
      Yes, ban these products, severely punish people who collect animal skins for shauk, and ban leather altogether – fine people who are caught using leather – only then some change can be expected even remotely…”
      We need to set our priorities right – in this order: Humanity, with humanity comes compassion for every living being, and then the rest.

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      1. Hey Punam I do vibe with your thoughts they are beautiful. Yes its important to view the theme in a much wider perspective and get our priorities in order.
        Cheers & regards,


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