My Bucket List

First published in 6th August 2013.

Updated 28th March 2018 (Not bad … good progress made).

  1. Take a walk in the woods. Definitely not alone.
  2. Learn car driving.
  3. Buy a car.
  4. Learn horse riding
  5. Buy a home on the beachside with a beautiful view of the seashore.
  6. Keep a pet. lots of pets – a dog, 2 cats and some birds.
  7. At least one vacation abroad per year. (Bangkok)
  8. At least one small holiday within the country per year. *YES, that means two holidays* (Goa )
  9. Invest in a flat.
  10. Touch at least one life.
  11. Understand what my heart wants. Sometimes it wants to fly. Sometimes it wants to hide. Not sure yet.
  12. Inspire people around me.
  13. Make a difference in someone’s life. I believe I have.
  14. Give monetary help at the right place to a needy person.
  15. Make new friends.
  16. Give thanks everyday.
  17. Visit the Golden Temple.
  18. Visit Ajmer Shareef Dargah.
  19. Visit Haji Ali.
  20. Take women’s empowerment awareness programs in schools.
  21. Visit a pub
  22. Adopt a baby girl.
  23. Give an inspiring speech for a cause.
  24. Complete my unfinished book.
  25. Buy a knee-length evening dress and actually wear it.
  26. Star in an advertisement.
  27. Visit a vineyard and take pictures of grapes hanging on the vines.
  28. Have to do ‘visarjan’ of some old things, old memories in yellow and blue.
  29. Visit Rome.
  30. Visit Bangkok.
  31. Visit Paris.
  32. Visit Switzerland.
  33. Visit Greece

That’s all for now.

Shall keep adding to this list.



If you have 'walked with me into the woods', a blog post at a time, do tell me how you felt in the comments section below :)

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