Not-so-usual Quotes

We have all heard quotes, but some, just strike the bulls eye.. and you think, “Wow!!”

Here, on this new page, I will share the quotes that have ‘wowed’ me and hope will ‘wow’ you too.

Water the roots, not the fruit.

I am not sure who is the original author of this quote, because I can see it mentioned in various forms by many speakers and also mention of similar concept in the Bible.

“Nothing has meaning except for the meaning you give it.”

Without the judgements there is no meaning – the thing just is.

Courage does not mean absence of fear. It means taking action in spite of, and in the presence of, fear.

Think  Act

Outside the Box

One who hasn’t seen the dark night will never appreciate the sunlight.

It’s words that ‘undress’ you; always.

Don’t just ‘look’, see

Look outside, to dream

Look inside, to awaken

Adapted from quote by Carl Jung


If you have 'walked with me into the woods', a blog post at a time, do tell me how you felt in the comments section below :)

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