New Series: Random Pic Random Post – 1

I am starting a new series that I’d like you all my lovely readers to participate in.

Here’s what we do:

Post a random picture and craft a short story (not more than 3-4 lines) around it.

Leave your blog post link in the Comments section below. I shall visit your blogs and choose the best three – which will be featured in my next RPRP blogpost.

Suggestion: Please use either an original picture taken by you or one from to avoid copyright issues. 🙂

Here I go with my first one:

Business teamwork join hands together. Business teamwork concept

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In my world, there is peace.

We all are one, we stand by each other.

We watch each other’s backs.

We trust. We uphold trust.





The Betrayed Bride (165 words short story writers collaboration)

Decked up in fine jewelry, she waits as the hours ticked by.
Her wedding day.
Yet, there was a deep fear inside her.
Her heart was working overtime today.
Beating faster than usual, with a foreboding that made her beautifully made up face cringe.
Everything was so perfect.
More perfect than the most perfect rose.
Hence the premonition.
He arrives.
She is waiting at the altar, coyly timid more from fear than from anticipation for the new life ahead.
Time to go.
Faces she lived with all her life, fading.
Tearful eyes of a parent-hood unmatched in its depth of love.
She is in her new room.
That feeling is amplified. Dread.
He enters. He doesn’t look happy.
Anger! Indignation! Rage!
Hanging on to them.
Scratching them to bleed.
Not letting them die.
Keeping his past alive.
Innocent bride.
Unwary victim.
Endless tears.
Suicide attempt.
A young life destroyed.
A million dreams shattered.
A healthy mind made insane.
Period. Black. The end.
PS: She doesn’t die, she becomes insane.