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Shards of glass – Unbroken

He is lost.. in her thoughts
His mind captures this moment – to make it real one day
Note: I don't own the images and anyone who believes their photograph has been used here, please write to me and I shall connect with you asap.

One look at her and he knew she was a rag doll, a million shards of glass fixed together with something that was hardly visible – what held her together?

SHe intrigued him. He just did not know why he hired her. She was a mess. A clear mess. Deepika. Her eyes told it all – every broken shard shone in her deep eyes – blinding me into shock. What could have happened?

A heart break? He thought? Nope.. doesn’t look like. This is something much more deeper. He did ask her, “Have you ever loved someone?” And she just nodded. That’s it. Something about the way she fluttered her eyes made him feel that she could love deeply. As deep as her teary eyes.

But still, heart break wasn’t really what it seemed like. He had seen enough of life to know how many different faces this being called ‘grief’ wore. She was in grief. Yes. Absolute grief. That’s the right word. Grief.

Deep, dark, lonely, shrouded, NUMB.

A zombie. That’s what she had turned herself into. A zombie that knew only to work. Go back. Sleep. Get up. Come to work. Sleep. Nothing else. She hardly ate – and when she ate, it was tasteless crap, which she’d so sweetly share with me. Grief had turned her so numb that she couldn’t even make out the blandness of food.

WOuld you like to have coffee? Would you like to go out for coffee? I asked again, ensuring that she heard me. She looked up from her laptop. “Huh?? I don’t like coffee.” That’s it. This girl. This 30 something just turned a date into a coffee preference conversation. My Bloody Goodness!! She was either too smart or just too naive. Naive was a tall order – naive doesn’t exist these days. What was she?

All I knew was she worked – like hard labour. Effing hard labour. Tell her anything about the work she did, and she’d turn into this tigress – roaring and defending left right and center.

Something about her told me she could be trusted. Perhaps the mean gossip that went around about her ‘wierdness’ never reached her ears. Or if did, she perhaps didn’t care. Whatever it was, I could sense a flicker of respect for her. Unlike all other women of her age, she was just. A girl. Like a tiny tot that hides behind her mother’s sleeve – except that she hid behind her grief.

And she was determined to not let anyone shake her pieced up million shards up. It would have taken her ages – to pick up the pieces and walk tall again. I suddenly felt another sharp sting in the center of my heart. Protective?? Of course not!! I have seen enough. But the sting kept digging in and in – until it morphed itself into an arrow that pierced to the other side of my heart. I was confused.

It doesn’t really work that way. It doesn’t. But that sting was a growing desire to unbreak her. To peel off that pieced up skin to reveal a bright shining beauty that had retired some 5-6 years ago, I guessed, only to be proven correct later.

Deepika, he thought, somehow, I believe there would always be space for your hand in mine. “Give me your hand”, he said.

The lady doesn’t even turn her head!! She just gives a cross eyed look.

Phewwww. The Board Room fight was easier, I guess!!

Who does he think he is? Absolutely no sense of how to talk to a woman..!!

Huh!! Whatever!

*back to her article

Do you think this is a paragraph from a Mills & Boon story?

Would you like to give him a name?

What next??

*Originally published 9th January 2016

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Introvertish Peeves

  • No, thank you. I don’t need company.
  • Reply to any question: A—X–Z. I am done. In my mind, it goes “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ”
  • Have to call someone – I will have a 101 reasons not to call ‘right now’. If I don’t, my clever mind will create 101 reasons. Note, ‘right now’ comes always.
  • Anti-social or pro-solitude
  • Socializing escape reasons: Too cold, too hot, unwell, have to cook, headache, well sometimes, just not interested, thanks. 😛
  • Best excuse: Oh, I don’t want to intrude. *Coy Smile.*
  • Bugging beliefs: Everyone’s around me is perfect, I am not. No one understands me.
  • We love helping out. Except, send us an email. Verbal doesn’t work. Ever.
  • Most of us need TIME to register conversations, and SPACE to privately express emotions over those conversations. Yes, we do have emotions.
  • Proud to be me. But sometimes, do invite me out.
  • There are just too many conversations running in my head to even consider a remote possibility of talking. Yep, we talk inside our heads. And no, we are not crazy.
  • No one can comprehend the joy of coming home!! It’s a Yay moment. And I am always always in a hurry to reach home, so that I can paint/cook/scrub the home/just do nothing.
  • My most hated statement, “Come out of your shell.”
  • When phone calls go beyond 15 minutes, (except of course a select few), I start losing attention and start wanting the conversation to end asap. I am not guilty about it. Sorry.
  • Shopping or window shopping by myself. I like. I like.
  • I always have a lot to say, but can almost never put it into words. If I try, I describe A as Z. God be with people close to me.
  • Arguments cause me great deal of distress because I can find no words to defend myself. All the words are stored in the Mind’s Cloud and come forth after the argument is over. Bleh!
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Diaries of the Hechicera: The love she knew and the love that grew

His face was not very clear

There was dream upon dream
She waited eternally for him to appear
But her dream was still a dream

“O! Please please come soon, dear
Come and take over my life
I want to see you, touch and hear!
The stories of your life and strife.”

She would beckon in her dream
To that hazy not-so-clear face
And imagine him standing close to her
Real close, like a miracle on a good day.

The love she finally knew, twice,
Was ugly and wild, for all that she grew

Her hopes, aspirations, all the anticipation,
Everything lost, evaporated like summer dew.

Little did she know that this was not to be
For there in time, waiting, was someone worthy
She knew not, the test of her lord,
She was being groomed to become adored
She imagined her life, disintegrating, bit by bit
Her fate was, in truth, being sealed in the right orbit.
And her life was being set so so right.

Her destiny took her to true love
The love she knew earlier was a hallucination cove.
She thought she had seen it all
But the truth struck her with his arrival.
There he came, her Knight in shining armor, riding the sea waves
His arrival was so calm, absolutely a wonder

He came, bruised and battered, soul searching
Found solace in her suffering and healing.
She gave him what he missed, he gave her love

He gave her what she missed, she gave him trust.

Had their fates been sealed earlier? One does wonder.
When the universe decides to give the love u knew
Is there anything else that you wish to do?
You start believing that it is a circle
Life falls into its destined oracle

Why do you think it was over then?
Because, it’s never over, ever.

There was another story in the offing
The story had someone and you starring
The Love she knew, was the love that grew
The love he deserved was the love she gave

And they lived, happily ever after.
And they lived, happily ever after.

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National Legal Services Authority (NALSA)


logo        capture

Do you know about NALSA?

I didn’t.

When I came to know about it through the advertisements displayed in movie theaters, I was really sad that I did not know about it before.

NALSA stands for National Legal Services Authority and provides free Legal Services to the weaker sections of the society. It was constituted under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987.

NALSA ensures that justice is meted out to all citizens, irrespective of economic or any other problems. It identifies certain sections of the society that may need legal help / are entitled to legal help, and formulates various schemes for the implementation of preventive and strategic legal service programmes to be undertaken and implemented by the Legal Services Authorities at the various levels.

Citizens that come under the identified sections as in link above can lodge an online application and request for legal aid.

However, how many such people know about this forum, and how many have access to online means of sending a request?

I believe there should be widespread awareness of this initiative and we all should make it our duty to inform the weaker sections of the society that we come in contact with, for example, house help, etc and if needed, help them apply if they are in need of free legal help.

Justice is everybody’s right and we must ensure more and more people know about it.

How many of us know that 9th November was Legal Services Day?

We speak of 9-11 in so many ways, but this is something that needs to be celebrated so that a huge chunk of people know about NALSA and the free legal aid that it provides.

In 2015, Justice Thakur, who is also the executive chairman of the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) stated, “Over 40 percent out of 1.25 billion Indians are acutely deprived of certain basic rights and opportunities”.

If you agree with me and believe that legal aid should be available to the weaker sections of the society, please forward/share/reblog this post as much as possible so that awareness can be spread.


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Heavy Posts

I love blogging and love to read many other bloggers’ blogs, but I have realized  that I tend to like and linger more on shorter and crisper blogs than longer ones.

I know it is unfair, but given the small 5-minute breaks that I steal from work, to read blogs allows me only to read the shorter ones, and perhaps part of longer ones, and I leave the latter to return for completion.

Except for some rare times, I have churned out shorter blog posts and yet, I find comments on my blogs less than likes. I prefer leaving comments and thoughts on most blog posts that I read so that there is value add to the post.

Does any of you feel the same way, or is it just me?


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How was A Walk born?

I have been blogging since 2007. My first blog was on a platform called and that was the time I was exploring blogging and networking online. I found very good friends on Sulekha and I am in touch with them even now.

I named my blog Dreamz Forever, and used to blog under the name Punam. Dreamz Forever gained a lot of popularity. I built it initially on and then shifted it to WordPress for WP is no doubt a better platform. When I was Punam, I was a different person, the typical dreamy girl who was always looking to fly high. I still am, but in a different shade.

Life happened. And I went into hibernate mode for about a year, before resurfacing as A Walk into the Woods. A Walk into the Woods is one of my earlier poems and defines me to the core. I decided to name my new blog this, because it is ingrained in my memory and there was nothing else more important than A Walk into the Woods.


Krishna Verma, whose interview I published on my blog, gave me the name Avyuka. Avyukta means as clear as crystal, and it describes me perfectly. So I adapted it as my name on A Walk, and appended Punam so that my readers who have been there for so many years recognize me.

Each name signifies a personality within me. It is true that you are never today, what you were yesterday. Your today is yesterday plus something you learned yesterday, and you have evolved, even if it is one day or the next moment. Every thought that comes in your mind adds to your personality and if you introspect, you will realize that you are evolving in a way that is defining you as a person.

So, thus was A Walk born, and I can’t believe that I have just crossed 200 followers. I thank all of you for reading me, my rants, hobbies, posts and all.

Now that you know how this blog came about, let me tell you that I got inspired to share this story from TalkaholicMe’s blog.

So, what’s your blog’s story?


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The Arnab Wave

I wasn’t particularly a regular viewer of The News Hour. I had seen some episodes and was quite neutral about Arnab Goswami. That is, until I saw one of his recent episodes on Triple Talaq.

And. that. was. it.

Hats off to him for what he did on that show. The way he ousted Shamsher Khan Pathan for insulting his women panelists on national television was outstanding.

This man symbolizes integrity.

I will not speak in length on what his good and bad qualities are. I’d just like to post two of his awesome videos that one should see without fail.

  1. The Triple Talaq True Heroism


2. Interview at EEMAX Global 2016 event

The second video shows Arnab in a very calmer temperament, quite unlikely of what we see (used to see) on The News Hour.

I am quite upbeat and hopeful about Arnab’s call for the concept of a united international journalism and I believe he will make his dream come true now that he has chosen another path. It would be exciting to see what he does next, but whatever he does would be, I am sure, on the pillars of integrity and impactful journalism.

I am looking forward to it – what about you?

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Energy Healing



There are advocates and critics of energy healing. I am an advocate and I shall attempt to express why in this blog post.

In my life’s journey, I have gone through several transformations. During these transformations, I tried hard to anchor myself on faith. I read a lot of books and tried to understand how and where I could find inner peace.

What gelled with me is very basic. All universe is energy. If you want to feel this energy, just rub your palms vigorously and keep them 1 inch apart facing each other. You will feel the flow of energy, subtle vibrations that your palms have generated.

Everything – from moving to non-moving object is energy. So, when one learns how to recognize and feel this energy, a lot of transformation takes place. I learnt this with a certification called Access Bars energy healing. It’s a touch-based healing technique which is administered through 32 points on the head.

Initially, I did not feel much, but once I started feeling the vibrations on my finger tips, I got really excited. It is so true. And so effective. All those who took this feeling from me have reported a very calming effect, and the healing can be given for various ailments.

There is also verbal clearing that’s done in combination with Access Bars and this aims at removing all the negative emotions, thoughts, feelings, fears, stability points, beliefs etc. that we have incarcerated in our minds since centuries. These fears stop us from achieving the greatness that we are capable of.

After this, I tried to learn EFT and now, Reiki.

I just want to urge all those who haven’t yet experienced the power of the raw energy of the Universe to start feeling it and being grateful for it.

It does wonders. It creates miracles.

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Turquoise or Blue? 

I have titled the painting on colors as I just fell in love with the play of colors and the shades they developed. 

It also signifies the royalness of the Peacock as a bird. 

How about you all giving it captions? 


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The other side of Being Managed

My earlier boss was a micro manager.

My function would go nowhere without his approval – in fact, he defined what is to be done and what is not to be done, in spite of having no knowledge about my function. I was restrained from contacting the higher management – I believe it was because of insecurity. My work cannot happen without contribution from higher management. 

The worst thing that I was made to do was personal promotion – not for the company but for him in the name of leadership positioning. I could have taken a stand and refused but decided to go along with the flow as according to him, “aligning with your manager” was very important. And he was THE higher management, ruling every other leader with aggressiveness. I was but a little kid in front of him. 

It took me one year of patience to gain his trust, although it wasn’t my intention. Unfortunately, I am in a position where all my work is visible to the entire organization and suddenly, I found myself being perceived on the basis of the menial work I was made to do earlier.

He is no more my boss, but he has left a legacy – a prejudice that I have to continue facing until people see me as me – doing what I believe is right, and not executing someone else’s whims and fancies.

I do not regret not putting my foot down because I only gave in to the work that I was instructed to do. I did not give away my pride and did not follow the tradition of “buttering up your manager” to get into good books. The army style boss culture seemed to be a mandate. I couldn’t subscribe to it. I refused to. I paid a hefty price for it. All i knew was,  I would do anything for pride. 

I reiterate: Do what you feel is right.